Carmona campaign ad: ‘Independent’

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Press release from the Dr. Richard Carmona for U.S. Senate campaign:

Carmona launches new ad, 'Independent'
New ad spotlights Carmona's independent brand of leadership 

In an ad released today, Rich Carmona makes his closing pitch to voters by speaking directly about how he'll go to Washington and solve problems. "Independent" starts airing statewide today. 

"Those people who we entrusted to our destiny to have failed us," Rich Carmona says in the 30-second spot. "Let's just get somebody there who will listen and start solving some problems rather than being worried about getting reelected or keeping a party in power." 

"I'm going to go and work real hard, and make it easier and better for the struggling families in our country," Carmona tells voters. 

Carmona is a Special Forces veteran, Pima County Deputy Sheriff and former SWAT Team Leader, and the 17th Surgeon General of the United States. He is the first to be confirmed unanmiously for the office of Surgeon General, and is a lifelong independent. 


Video below the fold.

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