Carolyn’s Community Comes to Blog For Arizona

By Michael Bryan

CarolynFollowing the shut-down of The Citizen website, many great bloggers found themselves without a home. One voice that we could not let fall silent was Carolyn Classen, who has been doing a tireless job of informing the Tucson community.

We reached out to Carolyn to see if she was willing to keep serving our community here at Blog For Arizona, and she agreed to come aboard our crazy train.

Please welcome Carolyn's Community to our community!

2 responses to “Carolyn’s Community Comes to Blog For Arizona

  1. Well, I won’t be posting only political news, but more on diverse community events around town. This is just “Carolyn’s Community” in a new format and at a new blogsite.

  2. Welcome to my friend Carolyn Classen. It will be good to have a “city beat” reporter with your Carolyn’s Community now here at Blog for Arizona. Keep up your excellent work!