Coward Juan Ciscomani Refuses to Stand with Donald Trump!

Wow! I can’t believe that Republicans here in Southern Arizona will put up with this: Former president Donald Trump is dominating the congressional endorsement game, picking up the backing of every member of the House GOP leadership as well as an increasing number of senators. But a key group has not endorsed him: the most vulnerable 17 … Read more

Dumb MAGA Border Rhetoric May Shut Down the Government

Over the past few days, I took a trip down to the southern border in Eagle Pass, TX with Congressmen Biggs, Gaetz, Rosendale, and Good. The situation at our border under the Biden Administration has become untenable and poses a direct threat to the safety and security of all American citizens.  Congress has the power of … Read more

U.S. Senate Race: Gallego Surging, Lake Digging a Hole with Her Mouth, Sinema Irrelevant

Here’s some of the latest from the 2024 US Senate race for the seat currently squatted upon by Independent (Wall Street) #SingleTermSinema. Ruben Gallego Continues to Climb The polling is looking very good for Ruben Gallego with him generally leading a potential three way race outside the margin of error in poll after poll, but … Read more

Hell Has Frozen: I Agree with Rep. Andy Biggs!

If there is a polar opposite to everything I believe and advocate, it could be embodied in the shorthand that is Freedom Caucus leader Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, whom I generally refer to as the #BiggsestTraitor for his role in planning and executing the #Jan6 insurrection. For me to agree with anything that comes out … Read more

Arizona’s Republican House Delegation Betrays Our Military, Votes Against Defense Spending Authorization.

Never let these MAGA clowns pretend to care about our military ever again. Republicans Biggs, Crane, Gosar, Lesko, and Schwiekert all voted to reject funding our military this year in a snit over bullshit like ‘DEI’, ‘ESG’, transition surgery, abortion services and travel, and drag shows on military bases. They think their culture war nonsense … Read more