Kirsten Engel and Ruben Gallego Release New Campaign Ads

The very watched Kirsten Engel House Campaign and Ruben Gallego Senate Movement have released new ads in the last week to appeal to voters in the upcoming November elections. In the Engel ad, called “Who IS Juan Ciscomani,” she goes after her opponent, Juan Ciscomani for supporting an Ultra-Right Christian Nationalist organization called The Patriot … Read more

Do as I Say Not as I Do: Raquel Terán’s Attacks are Misleading, Offensive, and Hypocritical

Opinion: Raquel Terán’s outside spending groups are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars smearing progressive Yassamin Ansari. It didn’t work in 2020, and it won’t work now. When I was the executive director for the Maricopa County Democratic Party, I fought to elect Yassamin Ansari who became the youngest woman ever elected to the Phoenix … Read more

Dr. Andrew Horne Discusses the Race for the Democratic House Congressional District One Primary

Arizona House Congressional District (CD) One is one of the most-watched Congressional races in the country. A district where, in 2022, incumbent David Schweikert prevailed in a non-Presidential election year by about a point, has Democrats gleeful that this seat can be a pickup on the road to recapturing a House majority in this November’s … Read more

Yassamin Ansari Discusses the Race for the Democratic House Congressional District Three Primary

The race to succeed Ruben Gallego in Arizona House Congressional District Three is centered around two major candidates. One of them is former Phoenix Councilwoman and Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari. The youngest woman to serve on the Phoenix City Council, Ms. Ansari has distinguished herself as a champion of reproductive freedom, affordable housing, and clean … Read more

Arizona Democratic Leaders and Candidates Blast the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Arizona Democratic Leaders and Candidates across the Grand Canyon State issued statements on the second anniversary of the Dobbs Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v Wade. Please read below. Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Yolanda Bejarano: “The freedom of what to do with your body belongs solely to Arizonas– not to Matt Gress, TJ Shoppe, Shawnna … Read more