More Money is needed to Investigate Potential Teacher Misbehavior in Arizona.

There are over 90,000 certified public school teachers in Arizona. The overwhelming majority of them work hard and do an exceptional job in educating the state’s children. There are however a small fraction of this group (1140 so far in 2019) or less than one percent of the total number of teachers that have been … Read more

Elections have consequences: Virginia poised to ratify the ERA Amendment (Updated)

The results of Tuesday’s election in Virginia in which Democrats completed taking full control of the states legislative chambers, after taking full control of statewide offices two years ago, may have far-reaching consequences for the nation. Amanda Marcotte at Salon explains that Virginia going blue means there could be 38 states completing ratification of the … Read more

The Road to a Democratic Majority in the Arizona State Legislature Depends on Legislative District 18 Remaining All Blue.

With a lot of attention focused on the upcoming 2020 Presidential election and Senate race between likely candidates Martha McSally and Mark Kelly, people need to keep their eye on the races to control the Arizona State Legislature from 2021 to 2023. The State Legislature, along with the Governor, is the political bodies that largely … Read more

Arizonans for Fair Elections file the Fair Elections Act initiative

In case you missed it, this happened this past week. Arizonans for Fair Elections filed an ambitious ballot initiative that includes a laundry list of election reforms that I have advocated on behalf of for years (and a few I hadn’t even thought of). The Arizona Republic reported, Effort underway to significantly change elections in … Read more

It is time to follow the Arizona State Constitution and make University and College Education as “Free as Possible.”

Article 11 of the State Constitution of Arizona deals with public education. Section six concerns higher education at the state’s public universities. It states “instruction” at state universities “shall (not should) be as free as possible.” Well, according to a new study from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Arizona “Public Servants” (Republicans) in … Read more