Better Ballot Arizona Launches Voting Rights Initiative 

Better Ballot Arizona, a values-driven, non-partisan, nonprofit organization, has launched a citizen’s initiative that will bring comprehensive election reform to the State of Arizona. The reforms include: “We believe the future of elections in Arizona belongs in the hands of the voters, not the politicians,” said Blake Sacha, President of Voter Choice Arizona.  He explains that … Read more

Kari Lake Running for Senate so she can Claim Aliens Stole the Election

Subscribe to David Fitzsimmons, Arizona’s Progressive Voice, at Kari will launch her bid for the United States Senate in October. Why? Maybe it’s because that’s when the Great Pumpkin rises from Mar-a-Lago, or that’s when the un-dead walk among the un-elected. The truth is I think the Republican Gubernatorial candidate who said, “Arizonans know … Read more

Organize Now to Protect Abortion Access in Arizona!

The Arizona Abortion Access Act initiative (The AAA) to amend AZ’s constitution to protect women’s access to abortion has now officially launched its petition drive under the coalitional organization of Arizonans for Reproductive Freedom. You can visit them to sign up to help the effort. You can directly register yourself in their volunteer intake form … Read more

AZ’s MAGA Congressman Eli Crane is an Agent of Chaos – Even to the GOP

I generally don’t just comment on other’s work, but since AZ BlueMeanie is on an extended vacation in Pepperland, I note The Status Quo utterly hit the nail on the head as to the raging chaos and dysfunction that is the GOP Congressional Caucus, and the weakness and fecklessness of Speaker McCarthy, who keeps getting … Read more