Giffords on the public option

by David SafierI'm gonna get hopeful once again, about Giffords' stand of the public option. Hopeful is good, especially when it has some justification. I just returned from her town hall at Sahuaro High. If I heard what I think I heard, Giffords gave a pretty strong endorsement of the idea of a public option. … Read more

Noted without comment

by David SafierHeadline: National Tea Party tour rolls into Flagstaff. Over a thousand people showed up on Monday night to hear two bus-loads of conservative activists speak. The activists were part of the National Tea Party Express tour. [snip] There were several Arizona politicians that also addressed the crowd. Senator Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, echoed the … Read more

Shameless self promotion

by David SafierI'm linking to a column I wrote in this week's Explorer, not because I'm especially proud of it — I tried to say too much in the space allotted, so it's a bit clunky (I love the "Don't fence me in" ethos of blog space!) — but because it lays out my sense … Read more

A genuine question about Medicare

by David SafierHere's something I honestly don't know the answer to. People say Medicare is heading into massive debt, and I believe that's true over the long haul. But my question is: does that means it's spending too much, or it's underfunded? Here's how I want to pose the question. Let's say we take the … Read more

A Simple Question

Sometimes the most basic questions are the most powerful. Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) appeared on Joe Scarborough's show on MSNBC to talk about his "Medicare for all" alternative to the omnibus healthcare reform bill rumbling through various committees (which now looks in danger of dropping any 'public' option). Weiner asked Scarborough what value the private … Read more