Fitz on Guns and Men of God

David Fitzsimmons has been on fire recently on his wonderful, profound, funny, witty and biting Substack, to which you should definitely subscribe! As the news broke of yet another mass casualty gun spree, this time in Maine, broke, so did Fitz’s patience… Guns! Guns! Guns! Numb to America’s Cult of Death This morning Fitz’s patience … Read more

Independent Clint Smith wants to Protect Democracy from Andy Biggs

On his worst day, attorney Clint Smith would be a better representative for Arizona House Congressional District (CD) Five than current incumbent Andy Biggs. Running again as an Independent candidate in the Maricopa County East Valley District, Mr. Smith promises to serve three two-year terms as a Citizen Leader who would work to protect Democracy, … Read more

(UPDATED) Arizona’s Reaction to the Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israel

Dear Readers Below is a sample of some of Arizona’s leaders, both Democrat and Republican, who have strongly condemned the unprovoked Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. It is important to show that Arizona’s leaders speak with one voice in supporting our longest and sole Democratic ally in the Middle East and condemn those who would … Read more

The Sociopathic Party

The Republican Party is deeply sick. In fact, I think it is fair to diagnose it as a sociopathic entity. If something isn’t done to stop the Republican Party’s destructive behavior, I fear the consequences for this country. The DSM-5 defines a sociopath (someone who has an anti-social personality disorder) as an individual with three … Read more

Biden to Create New Office of Gun Violence Prevention

President Biden on Friday will create a new office for gun violence prevention, an escalation of the administration’s efforts to tackle the issue, according to the Washington Post. Biden and Vice President Harris are scheduled to announce the new office at an event in the White House Rose Garden on Friday afternoon, the people said. … Read more