The Sociopathic Party

The Republican Party is deeply sick. In fact, I think it is fair to diagnose it as a sociopathic entity. If something isn’t done to stop the Republican Party’s destructive behavior, I fear the consequences for this country. The DSM-5 defines a sociopath (someone who has an anti-social personality disorder) as an individual with three … Read more

For What It’s Worth – It was True in 1966 and it’s Still True Today

Written by Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield. There’s something happening hereBut what it is ain’t exactly clearThere’s a man with a gun over thereTelling me I got to beware I think it’s time we stopChildren, what’s that sound?Everybody look, what’s going down? There’s battle lines being drawnNobody’s right if everybody’s wrongYoung people speaking their mindsGetting … Read more

As the Successor to Jennifer Pawlik in LD 13, Brandy Reese will Seek Common Ground and Put Facts over Fear and Conspiracies

With the pending retirement of three-term State House Legislative District (LD) 13 Representative Jennifer Pawlik from the Arizona Legislature, former 2022 LD 14 House candidate Brandy Reese, a forensic science chemist, peace officer, mother of two daughters, and public education activist, has declared her run to succeed the well-regarded legislator. Arizona LD 13 encompasses all … Read more

Conor O’Callaghan Will be a Fighter in Congress Who Gets the Job Done for the People in Arizona CD One

Arizona House Congressional District (CD) One will be one of the most watched political contests on election night in 2024. Why? Because the toss-up district contains a populace that only just supported Joe Biden in 2020 and the Republican incumbent running, ethically challenged David Schweikert has faced increasingly dwindling margins of victory over Democratic challengers … Read more