Mayor Regina Romero, Tucson, and the RTA Take Important Steps towards Regional Collaboration

In a positive step for Tucson’s infrastructure future, the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA,) at their January 27, 2022 meeting, has agreed to expand Tucson’s representation on key committees (Technical Management and Citizen’s Accountability for Regional Transportation,) address an existing funding gap dating back to 2006, and  potentially install, based on a Maricopa Association of Government structure, … Read more

Mayor Regina Romero and the City Council Meet Tomorrow to Discuss Funding Tucson’s Transportation Future

This is a time of great possibilities for Tucson and its people. If the City’s leaders continue to make the right choices for the future funding of transportation and roads after utilizing the funds provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan. Already, the city, thanks to the initiative of Mayor Regina Romero and the members of … Read more

Kate Gallego Touts Phoenix Infrastructure and Economic Achievements at US Conference of Mayors

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego had a lot to talk about at the United States Conference of Mayors this week in Washington D.C. First, she touted how the recruiting of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) has led to other foreign companies setting up operations in Phoenix, including the  the breaking ground this week of Sunlit Chemical. … Read more