Duelling Conventions Answer Key Questions

by John Adams We have seen the past two weeks the best presentation of our Party’s message in Denver, contrasted with the best presentation the Republicans could muster in St. Paul. The results are starkly impressive. Let’s consider some of the questions posed about our two Campaigns just a few short weeks ago…and answered so … Read more

“It’s Not About Me, It’s About You”

by John Adams Dateline Denver…the inspiration of Day 4 was matched only by the determination, shared among tens of thousands at Invesco, and tens of millions who watched, to work for the change we deserve, and the change we need.  We know it’s up to all of us, together, to make the difference on November … Read more

It’s Official — We Are Family

by John Adams Dateline Denver…this really is a family affair, from the Kennedys to the Clintons to the Bidens to the Obamas — to the Democratic Party. The theme for the Convention week is drawing a stark contrast between the More of the Same offered by McCain, and the Change We Need offered by Barack.  … Read more

On the Attack

by John Adams Dateline Denver…on Tuesday evening the Party launched a blistering attack on John McCain…if Monday was about who we are as Democrats, Tuesday was about taking the offensive — together — to defeat John McCain and the Republicans this Fall. As an Arizona Delegate, I couldn’t have been more proud of our Governor … Read more

Who We Are

by John Adams Dateline Denver…first night of the DNC.  Tonight was all about who we are as Democrats, and about who we nominate to lead this country out of the night of the past eight years.  We were treated to numerous moving, powerful, evocative speeches and images. Not least of which was the beautifully planned … Read more