A Meeting with our Future Commander-in-Chief

by John Adams Last Wednesday, June 18, in Washington, I had the privilege of joining a group of thirty-seven retired generals and admirals in a meeting with Senator Barack Obama, to discuss national security issues.  I entered the meeting with Hope, believing with all my heart that Barack Obama can bring the change our country … Read more

Convention Highlights

Excerpts from The 1908 Denver Demo Convention, Tom Noel) by PL Canady Before continuing the Convention Highlights, let me introduce myself. My name is Pat Canady and I am retired from a career in Education and being a Small Business Owner.  My interest in politics led me to becoming a Democratic Party volunteer starting with … Read more

Democratic Convention Highlights (Excerpts from the 1908 Denver Demo Convention, Tom Noel)

Early in the last century, Denver, Colorado constructed the huge Municipal Auditorium to hold large conventions. After being rejected by the Republican’s 1908 Convention, Denver enticed the Democrats with offers of free use of the auditorium, free decorations, drinks and $100,000 cash.  In comparison, this year Denver will have to come up with more like … Read more

First Post – In Defense of Liberty!

by John Adams First of all, thanks to Mike Bryan and Blog for Arizona for the opportunity to contribute to this exciting, progressive community.  It’s a privilege to share our thoughts on today’s issues. Since this is my first post, please allow a brief introduction. I retired from Active Duty in the US Army in … Read more