Real Heroes

by John Adams Dateline Denver…the gavel goes down tomorrow afternoon in the Pepsi Center.  Already there’s huge energy building.  A rousing speech by National Chair Howard Dean welcomed the Delegates, honoring those who have suffered so much under the Bush Administration, and motivating us Delegates throughout all fifty states — yes, especially Arizona! — to … Read more

Obama y Biden – Que Viva “Change We Can Believe In!”

by John Adams Dateline Denver, the 2008 Democratic National Convention…staging ground for victory for the American people in November. Why Joe Biden? Let’s ask the neocon icon, Mr. William Kristol, his thoughts on the question:  "There’s lots to like about Barack’s choice of Senator Joe Biden as his running mate: Biden’s bowling score, honed by … Read more

BlogForArizona Convention Coverage

BlogForArizona is hosting three convention delegates from southern Arizona during their time at the DNC convention in Denver: retired Brigadier General John Adams, former Pima County Democratic Chairman Paul Eckerstrom, and activist Patricia Canady. Also joining them in Denver will be Patricia’s daughter Kelly Canady, who also be blogging from the convention here on BlogForArizona. … Read more

Ready, Set, Go

Heading to Denver – by Pat Canady It is time to head to Denver for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Being inundated with event invitations, Caucus materials, and Special Interest Group packets, tells me this is going to be a very busy and informative convention. The Arizona Delegation is staying at the Hyatt Regency Tech … Read more

A Meeting with our Future Commander-in-Chief

by John Adams Last Wednesday, June 18, in Washington, I had the privilege of joining a group of thirty-seven retired generals and admirals in a meeting with Senator Barack Obama, to discuss national security issues.  I entered the meeting with Hope, believing with all my heart that Barack Obama can bring the change our country … Read more