House passes resolution to overturn Trump’s emergency declaration on the Mexico border

The House has passed H.J.RES. 46. the resolution opposing President Trump’s emergency declaration on the Mexico border, on a roll call vote of 245 to 182. Democrats voted unanimously for the resolution, but only 13 Republicans honored their oath of office by defending the Constitution over defending their sycophant support for their authoritarian cult leader … Read more

Mark Kelly Launches US Senate Campaign to Huge Cheering Crowd in Tucson

On a sparkling spring day in Tucson, Democrat Mark Kelly announced his candidacy for US Senate to a packed outdoor audience at the Hotel Congress in Tucson. “This campaign is a mission for Arizona. This is a mission to lift up hardworking Arizonans, making Arizona safe and secure, to give every family in this state … Read more

Treat Republican attacks for what they are: Baseless lies that never stand the test of time.

They Said the Clinton Economic Plan would lead to a recession. It did not. They said we would be greeted as liberators in Iraq. We were not. They said the Bush II tax cuts would lead to increased economic prosperity. Instead, we had the Great Recession. They said Obamacare was Socialism. It was based on … Read more

A litmus test ‘to preserve, to protect, and to defend the Constitution of the United States’

The Hill, which does very good reporting (but pairs with the right-wing propaganda site Newsmax, and redirects to Fox News) has an unfortunate but very telling headline today: Emergency declaration to test GOP loyalty to Trump. Sorry, but no. This is actually a litmus test of their oath of office “to preserve, to protect, and … Read more

Trump Administration doubles down on climate science denial and dismissing U.S. intelligence agencies

It is a time honored practice of government that when it wants to kick the can down the road until after public interest has waned in order not to do anything, form a committee to study an issue. Hence President Donald Trump, a long-time climate change denier, Every Insane Thing Donald Trump Has Said About … Read more