Arizona Legislative Democrats Offer Their Reactions to Today’s Handmaid’s Tale Decision from the Arizona Supreme Court Outlawing Reproductive Freedom

Many State Legislative Democrats did not have kind remarks toward the Arizona Supreme Court after that body dealt a potential death blow to women’s reproductive and healthcare freedoms by reaffirming that a Civil War Era ban on abortion was still the law of the land now that Donald ‘I Killed Roe v Wade’s’ Supreme Court … Read more

(UPDATED)Mayors Gallego and Romero Offer Their Views on Today’s State Supreme Court Decision Outlawing Women’s Reproductive Freedom

The Mayors of two of Arizona’s most renowned cities were quick to condemn the Arizona Supreme Court’s Handmaids-Back in Time to the Civil War decision outlawing most abortions in the Grand Canyon State. Appearing with many leading Democrats (including Attorney General Kris Mayes and prominent legislators) at a press event at the Capitol Rose Garden, … Read more

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes Calls Today’s Supreme Court Ruling Outlawing Reproductive Freedom “A Stain on Our State”

Like Governor Katie Hobbs, Arizona Attorney General Katie Hobbs did not sugarcoat it when condemning the Arizona Supreme Court Handmaids Tale-reactionary ruling making the Pre Civil War abortion ban the law of the land. Just after the ruling was announced by the State Supreme Court, the Attorney General posted on social media: At an appearance … Read more

Governor Hobbs Calls Today’s Supreme Court Ruling Outlawing Reproductive Freedom “Callous, Outrageous, and a Dark Day in Arizona”

Today’s repulsive reactionary and Handmaid’s Tale ruling from the Arizona Supreme Court making a Civil War era abortion statute the law of the land except in case of the mother’s life being in danger is a dark day for women’s rights, health care, and reproductive freedom. In a series of press events and social media … Read more

Arizona is the Super-Battleground Epicenter of the 2024 Election. And That’s Great News!

There are very few places where the battle for control of the Presidency, the U.S. Congress, and for control of a state legislature overlap more tightly than in Tucson’s northern suburbs and exurbs. That makes the jurisdictions in and around the Southern Arizona region, such as Arizona’s 6th Congressional District (CD6), and the 16th and … Read more