Former Gov. Jan Brewer Takes Current Gov. Doug Ducey To Task For Fiscally Irresponsible ‘Flat Tax’ Proposal

Oh God, she’s baaack! In 2011, then Governor Jan Brewer signed off on then House Speaker Kirk Adams’ four year phased-in corporate welfare tax giveaway plan, while state revenues were still devastated from the Great Recession (2007-2009). Jan Brewer had initially opposed his plan in 2010 causing “Captain Kool-Aid,” Kirk Adams, a true believer in … Read more

Republican Arguments that Increased Sales Tax Receipts Will Make Up for Lost Income Tax Revenue is Very Regressive and Overly Optimistic

In their latest attempt to justify their flat tax proposals, Republicans at the State Legislature and the Governors office said that there is no reason to worry about local governments or other vital budget areas losing valuable sources of revenue. Why? Because the increased sales tax receipts from online gambling, internet sales (through the Way … Read more

Arizona Capitol

(UPDATED) Are We in Kansas? Arizona Republicans Considering a Flat Tax That Could Take Funds Away from Schools, the Poor, and Police

This movie has been shown before. Fiscally ignorant Republicans, worshiping the altar of trickle down-supply side Reaganomics enact massive tax cuts for the wealthy, claiming the resulting cuts will be made up for in revenues brought about by people spending more money that will produce more jobs and higher sales tax and working/middle-class tax receipts … Read more

President Biden Meets With Congressional Leadership On Infrastructure, GQP Leadership Rejects ‘Bipartisanship’

Lawrence O’Donnell, who used to be an aid to the Senate Finance Committee, explained Wednesday night that when the congressional leadership meets with the president at the White House, the substantive discussions usually occur within the first 15 minutes. If things do not go well, they will make the meeting last for the full hour … Read more