CBO: repeal of ‘ObamaCare’ results in 32 million uninsured and a massive premium spike


Tea-Publicans think THIS is a good idea and will vote on it in the Senate next week: The new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report says repealing “ObamaCare” without a replacement would result in 32 million people losing their insurance in the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. CBO: ObamaCare repeal without replace would cost 32 million insurance:

The bill would also massively increase insurance premiums. According to CBO, average premiums would increase by about 25 percent in 2018 alone. The increase would reach about 50 percent in 2020, and premiums would about double by 2026, CBO said.

The GOP health care plan: “Perhaps you should die and decrease the surplus population.” These people are amoral and inhumane. Not only should they be kicked out of office, but Dante needs to create a new ring of Hell in his Inferno where these people can endure a fitting punishment for all eternity.


  1. Trump administration pulls health law help in 18 cities
    By CARLA K. JOHNSON, Jul 20, 2017, 1:08 PM ET

    President Donald Trump’s administration has ended Affordable Care Act contracts that brought assistance into libraries, businesses and urban neighborhoods in 18 cities, meaning shoppers on the insurance exchanges will have fewer places to turn for help signing up for coverage.

    Community groups say the move, announced to them by contractors last week, will make it even more difficult to enroll the uninsured and help people already covered re-enroll or shop for a new policy. That’s already a concern because of consumer confusion stemming from the political wrangling in Washington and a shorter enrollment period. People will have 45 days to shop for 2018 coverage, starting Nov. 1 and ending Dec. 15. In previous years, they had twice that much time.

    Some see it as another attempt to undermine the health law’s marketplaces by a president who has suggested he should let “Obamacare” fail.


  2. Another form of sabotage…

    Team Trump Used Obamacare Money to Run PR Effort Against It
    07.20.17 1:00 AM ET

    The Trump administration has spent taxpayer money meant to encourage enrollment in the Affordable Care Act on a public relations campaign aimed at methodically strangling it.

    The effort, which involves a multi-pronged social media push as well as video testimonials designed at damaging public opinion of President Obama’s health care law, is far more robust and sustained than has been publicly revealed or realized.

    The strategy has caught the eye of legal experts and Democrats in Congress, who have asked government agencies to investigate whether the administration has misused funds and engaged in covert propaganda in its efforts to damage and overturn the seven-year-old health care law. It’s also roiled Obama administration veterans, who argue that the current White House is not only abdicating its responsibilities to administer the law but sabotaging it in an effort to facilitate its undoing by Congress.


  3. Best estimates are that 20 million are insured under Obamacare. Assuming that number is correct, how is it possible for 12 million more to lose it than have it now?

    • In honor of “Be Nice to Trolls Day”, I will answer your question.

      “The number of people who are uninsured would increase by 17 million in 2018, compared with the number under current law. That number would increase to 27 million in 2020, after the elimination of the ACA’s expansion of eligibility for Medicaid and the elimination of subsidies for insurance purchased through the marketplaces established by the ACA, and then to 32 million in 2026.”


  4. john mccain is lucky he has government healthcare. mayo clinic is expensive! mcsally is checking out black dresses.

  5. Stock market hit a new record today, 25.7 trillion, up 4.1 trillion since election day (Wilshire 5000, Total Market Full Cap index).

    It appears to like the stalemate on healthcare.

    Or, maybe it thinks tax reform is more likely to pass since healthcare failed.

    • Yours is a truly astonishing response, John Huppenthal. Thirty two million fellow Americans lose health insurance and you counter with a frigging stock market report–more lucre vs. 32,000,000 men, women, and innocent children suffering the loss of health insurance. Greed and corporate profit above all else seems to be the mantra of your new Republican Party. I disagree with AZBlue. It’s not “amoral and inhumane.” It is immoral and inhumane.

      • Huppenthal is a one trick pony. No matter what the subject is, he responds with a stock market report. It’s all he’s got to defend Trump and, lame as it is, he applies it to everything.

        Brain dead. Sad.

      • I don’t believe a single word, even a single letter printed by the CBO. They suffer the same intellectual corruption that you all do. In fact, while you all are retailers of that corruption, they are wholesalers of it. I have spent a lot of hours pulling the citations made by the 18 PhD economists of CBO, the staff of the joint tax committee and the staff of the tax policy committee.

        These are the people who would have you believe that the outcomes for France and the United States were the same following the Reagan tax reductions. When in fact, we added 85 billion hours of work and France has lost, I repeat lost, 3 billion hours of work.

        We have hundreds of thousands of small businesses not adding employees because of Obama care induced rot.

        CBO is completely untrustworthy to estimate any of these effects because all of their elasticity and growth effects come from university research studies estimate.

        According to you guys and them, Europe is a paradise. Well they have 500 million people and we have 340 million. Yet, our GDP is higher. The European union is finished. They are doomed to steadily fall further and further behind us. That’s what the frenzy to take down trump is all about.

        You all want to make sure we end up in the same collectivist s##t hole Europe is in.

        We have twice the per capita MRI machines that Europe has. Healthcare is not seeing someone in a white jacket who calls himself a doctor. It is transactions that change the quality of your life and extend it.

        All that is put at risk by the socialization of our medicine. Everyone has always been covered in the US.

        • Says the man who routinely posts comments about unreliable and often diproved and discredited economic theories. Now that’s intellectual rot.

          • Your economists believe that France has just as much job growth as the United States. “All modern economies grow at about the same rate.” Thomas Piketty

            Since when is a positive 85 billion hours of job growth (United States) equal to a negative 3 billion hours (France). 1980 to 2015

            Blue, you are extremely smart but you live in an intellectually manufactured world – not reality.

          • You are right, Censored (below), and even during the ACA debates before passage a number of TV personalities–Keith Olberman was one but I don’t recall the others–held free clinics for people without health care in places like West Virginia. There were huge crowds and long lines to get examinations and treatments. Many had to be turned away. About the same time, Bill Moyers interviewed at least three people on his show who could not afford medical care. One interviewee, unfortunately, died because her cancer had not been detected early enough to be successfully treated. How can a John Huppenthal write “Everyone has always been covered in the US.” It’s another of his distortions, but this time it does not involve the manipulation of statistics. Truly amazing Liza.

        • So, John, you have “spent a lot of hours” studying citations and hence you think you are better informed and more accurate than the multiple full time PhD economists and their staffs at the non-partisan CBO. Khris Kobach could use you at the “Voter Integrity Commission” proving that Hillary would have lost the popular vote had it not been for her 3 million illegal voters. Alex Jones could use you for creating new conspiracy theories at InfoWars. What do you and the new Republican Party consider an acceptable, humane number of Americans to lose their health insurance? Is 32,000,000 too few or not enough? Your slogan is “Party before Country. Profits above All.”

          • I am old enough to remember a time before medicare and hospital emergency rooms didn’t have to treat you if you had no money. with pictures of children on glass jars begging for money for their operations. 60 years ago I went down to the county hospital at what is now the durango jail their were several thousand people in line snaking around the buildings with children dying in line waiting to be seen.

          • Well, Kobach should get his computer run. How many aliens voted? Simple question. With the data set he requested, there are no possibilities of false matches noted in the literature on previous studies.

            I don’t think there will be many matches. You all seem to be terrified at the prospect, so I wonder.

            The true voter fraud takes place elsewhere – in voter harvesting.

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