CD One Candidate Conor O’Callaghan Appears on Symone

From Conor O’Callaghan Congressional Campaign.

With Arizona Congressional District One a major battleground in the 2024 elections (the incumbent, David Schweikert won by less than a point in 2022,) Democratic Candidate Conor O’Callaghan took his case for his party’s nomination to Symone Sanders Townsend in an interview on MSNBC on Labor Day.

On why he is the best Democratic candidate to beat Schweikert, O’Callaghan emphasized his quest to make sure his children’s generation could live the American Dream, saying:

“Growing up here in the district, going to public schools, the community I was surrounded with my church, my coaches; what I had here growing up really allowed my parents and me to seek the American Dream and to achieve the American Dream. When I look at my kids and I look at their friends, I feel like that American Dream is in jeopardy for so many right now and that’s why it’s so important to beat David Schweikert and reclaim that dream for our kids.”

On being different from “boilerplate liberal” candidates running for the Democratic nomination in CD One, O’Callaghan pointed out that the district, although its current configuration went for the Biden/Harris Ticket in 2020, still leans Republican by almost three percent, saying “the math just doesn’t work to flip this seat unless you’re able to bring over Independents and Moderate Republicans…I think you need somebody who grew up here, who lives here now, and really understands what makes the district tick…People here tend to vote with their pocketbooks whether there Democrats, Independents, or Republicans. So messaging on the economy and not saying things like we need to tax the one percent more. Those are the sort of messages that will resonate better with voters here and something I think we’ve missed…”

On his work for Wall Street and the rich paying their fair share, Mr. O’Callaghan offered:

“I absolutely believe in the rich in this country paying their fair share. My family came to the country with very little…We didn’t come here with nothing but we didn’t come here with much. I’ve been able to achieve everything I have been able to do here because of this district. Of course, I believe that wealthy people should pay their fair share. That’s why I’m a Democrat and that’s why I believe we have a responsibility, not just as Democrats but as Americans to help lift people up and to help each generation be better than the next and to help the next generation of kids achieve that American Dream I was so fortunate to be able to achieve. With respect to my Wall Street background, Wall Street has become a convenient boogeyman over the years. It’s a quick media soundbite but I think voters in CD1 are more savvy than that. I think they realize that having someone with deep financial expertise who understands businesses, understands governments, understands economies, understands how it all works and how it all fits together and how those decisons impact people and their everyday lives…I think people will actually view that as a benefit.”

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