CD2 Candidate Ann Kirkpatrick Opens New HQ, Launches Dozens of Canvassers


Ann Kirkpatrick, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Tucson’s CD2, opened her new headquarters at 4742 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705, and launched dozens of volunteers to knock on doors for her and US Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema.

She said the key issues in the race are: protecting choice in women’s health care, immigration reform including citizenship for the DACA recipients, and halting the separation of children from their parents at the border.

She has also called for creating a public option for Americans to buy into Medicare, protecting Medicare and Social Security from Republican attempts to cut earned benefits, and giving Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices to reduce costs for our seniors.

I canvassed 49 houses myself for four hours in the 101° heat and found that these issues resonated with voters I talked to. I met:

  • An independent voter who is Latino and who is upset by the US immigration policy.
  • A Republican who said he was upset with Trump and will vote for Kirkpatrick and Sinema to put a check on the president.
  • An independent who wanted to know where to donate to the Sinema campaign.

All three of them wanted to volunteer for the Democrats.

Kirkpatrick recounted a recent appearance of Jake Tapper on the Late Show with Steven Colbert. Tapper host’s CNN’s ‘The Lead’ host and is the author of ‘The Hellfire Club.’ Tapper said that in this election, people need to get out and vote, because otherwise it may be their last one. “The fact that he is even talking that way is alarming to me,” Kirkpatrick said. She told canvassers, “know that what you’re doing is very, very important.”

Lea Bankrupt Peterson

Kirkpatrick is running against failed businessperson Lea Marquez Peterson, who is best known for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to dodge $3.2 million in unpaid business debts. A chamber of commerce hack, Peterson’s campaign has consisted of running a video showing the late Sen. John McCain criticizing Kirkpatrick — over the objections of the McCain family.

Peterson is tied at the hip with the anti-consumer, anti-worker Koch brothers, who will flood the district with dark money and false advertising. Fortunately, Kirkpatrick has the full backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to combat that.

In contrast, Kirkpatrick taught at Spring Junior High School in Tucson, served as Deputy Pima County Attorney, and was elected to Congress in 2012 and 2014. She vows to take on the Republicans in Congress.

If you would like to volunteer for the Kirkpatrick campaign, please contact Lucia Wrenn at 520-225-9405 and lwrenn [at], Tali Jona at tjona [at] and Gabe Kohrman at gkohrman [at]

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  1. The only problem I have with all that is, that they should canvass for all Democrats not only for the HYBRID DUO (meaning they vote sometimes Democrat and sometimes Republican). This is really a COORDINATED CAMPAIGN “get out the vote” service, and to benefit from the service you have to pay them. They got the big DNC and other Democratic pacs’ money! To me, the Coordinated Campaign is much like a political escort service. Pretty disgusting and has little to do with DEMOCRACY, all about the money!

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