Center for Arizona Policy ignores the biggest threat to “moms and dads” in denouncing same sex marriage ruling.


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The Supreme Court voted to legalize marriage equality in the entire United States and the God-botherers at the Center for Arizona Policy reacted with the all the subtlety you would expect.

Historically Tragic: Supreme Court says moms and dads are unnecessary
Friday, June 26, 2015
Statement from Center for Arizona Policy Vice President of Policy and General Counsel, Josh Kredit

PHOENIX – “Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision is historically tragic. The High Court has disregarded the democratic process by stripping all Americans of their ability to debate and decide marriage policy.

What’s more, by throwing out the time-tested definition of marriage as only the union of one man and one woman, the Court has said that children don’t deserve the best opportunity to be raised by their mom and dad.

This isn’t the first time the Supreme Court has overstepped its role, and just like before, this will not be the final word on this issue. The U.S. Constitution is absolutely silent on the definition of marriage which makes it all the more egregious for five justices to brush aside the votes of tens of millions of voters throughout the country.

The U.S. Supreme Court can never change the fundamental truth that the lifelong union of one man and one woman is at the foundation of a strong state and nation. Center for Arizona Policy is committed to seeing this essential union strengthened and reaffirmed to secure a better future for generations to come.”

Yeah, if you were going to pinpoint proximate causes of children not being raised by their moms and dads, I would say that divorce (of straight marriages) would loom larger than same-sex marriage. While CAP has made noises about the harms of divorce and got a voluntary and largely symbolic (though still troublesome) “covenant marriage” law passed in 1998, they simply have not gone after straight divorce with the vigor with which they’ve gone after LGBT rights. Wonder why that is. Possibly because they don’t want to rile wealthy male conservative donors?

Also, if the votes of millions of Americans matter so much, then why have religious conservative organizations like CAP not put divorce on the ballot? Why no ballot measures to bar married couples with minor children (with obvious exceptions for abuse and whatnot) from dissolving their unions? Oh no, it was so much easier to get straight voters to go along with denying marriage rights to same-sex couples a decade ago than it would ever be to get them to deny themselves divorce. It was always about bigotry, and never about the welfare of children.


  1. The Arizona Center for the Taliban are utter failures. They can’t convince Arizonans to follow their dictates on the alleged strength of their convictions. So they must call on the power of the State to browbeat people to follow their beliefs. They follow the Colonel Flagg theory: You will be loyal or your own State government will hound your every move.

  2. Right. The welfare of the children:
    Child Welfare Statistics
    Child Abuse in Arizona (6 month period)1

    Child Abuse Hotline received 25,076 calls that met the statutory criteria for a DCS report.
    Number of children in out-of-home care increased from 15,751 to 16,990.
    Majority of children in out-of-home care are from ages 1 to 5 years (33.5%)
    Ethnicity majority of children in out-of-home care are Caucasian (36%) & Hispanic (35.8%)
    African American children represent 4.8% of population yet 13.9% are in out-of-home care.
    Children with an adoption case plan spend on average 25.1 months in out-of-home care.
    23.9% children in foster care have been in out-of-home care for 13 to 24 months.
    Average number of placements was 2.3, and the range for the number of placements was 1 to 43.
    1Arizona Department of Economic Security, “Child Welfare Reporting Requirements Semi-Annual Report for the Period of Apr. 1, 2014 through Sep. 30, 2014”; 2010 U.S. Census Data

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