Center for AZ Policy continues to be terrible


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Unsurprisingly, Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, who is reviving the 20 week supposed “pain-capable fetus” abortion ban, has the unflagging support of our state’s most prolific God-botherers, the Center for Arizona Policy

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Note how they claim that 137 post-20 week abortions take place in Arizona with no context outside of “horrors” and Kermit Gosnell. You are to assume that 137 women either capriciously terminated those pregnancies for funsies or they were lured into it by unscrupulous doctors. No mention of pregnancy complications that may have preceded (possibly most) of those procedures. Keep things like this in mind when anti-choicers promise that these bans will include meaningful exceptions for the life or (sometimes) health of the woman. When they act as though all second trimester or later abortions are done for non-therapeutic reasons, as they did here, it’s a signal that abortion foes don’t believe abortion is ever necessary for anything other than “convenience”. They write the laws accordingly.


  1. This concerns democratic activists and people who were planning to vote democrat anyway as wendy davis found out the hard way! The az republic ran an article about voting down subsidized health care for arizonians while having the tax payers heavily subsidize the republican legislatures health care insurance for a part time job. This costs much less then insurance they get from their employers. This is something that people who normally don’t vote democrat get angry about. If you want to make changes you, have care about what makes the voters angry not what makes you angry! Some dems in legislature might get upset about the health care subsidizes they get. Tough!

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