Charles Pierce on the ‘puke funnel’ of scandal mongering from the right-wing to the mainstream media


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

In a so-called "exclusive" report
today, "ABC is left with a major exclusive dissecting the distinction
between input and editing" of the talking points to Susan Rice. Yet
another "nothingburger," as Media Matters explains. ABC's "Exclusive" Benghazi Report Shows Nothing New.

No one makes his point with the flair of Charles Pierce at Esquire. Benghazm:

Now it seems that ABC is determined to revive its role from the days of Whitewater in connection to Benghazi, Benghazi!, BENGHAZI! We
discussed the other day how one ABC producer became a main conduit for
the puke funnel that led from Arkansas con-men to the Whitewater special
prosecutor to ABC to the American public. The Whitewater Of The New Century. Now, it seems, we must all be
shocked — SHOCKED! — that The Talking Points may have gone through
several iterations before they went out on The Sunday Showz — where
everybody is under oath and subject to the pains and penalties of
perjury, especially Dick Cheney when he talked about Mohammad Atta's
frolicking around Prague.

Media Matters puts paid to most of this latest fauxtrage,
mainly by demonstrating that there is absolutely nothing new in ABC's
"exclusive." But it is becoming increasingly clear to me now that B, B!,
B! is further along towards being an actual infotainment
miniseries than I thought it was. May sweeps are coming, and then the
news doldrums of high summer, and that's when the Whitewater hearings
began to multiply back in the day
. I honestly believed this particular
nothingburger was fed to the hounds last fall. But with Jodi Arias just
about finished, and the Tsarnaevs bumped off the radar by the Cleveland
case, which will die in a month until when and if there's a trial, I can
see a very long few months of "exclusive" parsing of who said what to
whom and when, and when will we get all the facts, and Rule Of Law, and
all of it over the preposterous notion that anyone takes The Sunday
Showz seriously except John McCain. It will not all be on the Fox News Channel, either. The puke funnel has many outlets.


  1. It’s a distraction.
    Let’s have hearings on the August 6th 2001, Presidential Daily Bulletin that said Bin Laden was determined to attack America by hijacking a plane. W was on vacation at his faux ranch in Crawford.
    Let’s see why he didn’t immediately fly to Washington and prevent 9/11.