We’ve launched two new ways to get the latest from BlogForArizona: our new podcast (imaginatively named the BlogForArizona Podcast) and our new Instagram account.

Our podcast features interviews and events centered on Arizona politics. We now have over a dozen podcasts in the hopper for you to enjoy.


We are currently podcasting TheDGT.org meetings, in case you couldn’t make it to a meeting. We are always on the lookout for high-quality information to bring to our listeners, so if you have an event recording or interview that you think would make a great episode, or If you are a political newsmaker and would like to be interviewed by one of our authors, feel free to contact us at BlogForArizonATgmailDOTcom and make a request.

Please consider subscribing and try us out. And please rate and review to assist others in finding our podcast. You can listen here online, or via Apple Podcasts, Audible.com, Spotify, or your favorite podcasting app by simply searching for “BlogForArizona”.

You’ll also notice a new set of icons in the upper right, from left to right: our FaceBook page, where you will find all our posts, comments from our FB friends and followers, and announcements of special events; our brand new Instagram account, which will feature short video clips of our favorite candidates’ comments and short live streams and photos of events; our Twitter feed with our commentary on the latest news and takedowns of Arizona’s worst political villains; our new Podcast, and: our Etsy Shop, where you can get cool swag that supports our work. We will be refreshing the shop with new logo artwork by Jenni Pagano of Riveted very soon.