‘Checks and Balances in Government’ initiative may not qualify for the ballot


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

PhotoThe Neoconfederate secession initiative by wingnut millionaire Jack Biltis, aka the Checks and Balances in Government initiative, is likely not to have enough valid petition signatures to qualify for the November ballot. The Yellow Sheet Report (subscription required) in a post "CHECKS & BALANCES NOT SO CLOSE, AFTER ALL" reports:

It turns out that only [282,588] signatures were eligible for verification. The numbers actually appear to spell doom for the initiative. The SoS tossed nearly 38,000 of the approximately 320,000 signatures the initiative submitted due to missing signatures and addresses, notarization problems and other errors, according to SoS spokesman Matt Roberts.

Bennett’s office will send 14,130 random signatures to the county recorders for verification. With 259,213 valid signatures needed to qualify a proposed constitutional amendment for the November ballot, the initiative needs 91.7 percent of its signatures verified – a tall hurdle.

* * *

Maricopa County Elections Director Karen Osborne said she’s never seen a statewide measure come anywhere near the validation rate the Checks and Balances initiative currently needs. “In my experience, I’ve never seen a petition that doesn’t flaw by [at least] 10 percent; that there’s a problem with at least 10 percent of the signatures. They’re usually in the 30 percent range,” Osborn said.

Tea-Publican Neoconfederate secessionists will still have Proposition 120 – State Sovereignty referred to the ballot by our insurrectionist Tea-Publican dominated Arizona legislature. It is, of course, unconstitutional and entirely unenforceable at law.