Cheney Shoots Lawyer

Beanball_cheney_gunCheney, while hunting quail shot his hunting partner, who is also the owner of the ranch he was hunting on. By all accounts it was an accidental shooting, but I just gotta wonder. Did Cheney owe this guy money? Was he a Democrat? Did he mouth off to Dick? Say that the NSA domestic spying is a crime?

Cheney hunted ducks quite without incident with Justice Scalia awhile back, just before a major case against the VP was going to be heard regarding the secrecy of records related to the Energy Task Force. Scalia must have felt safe enough knowing the Cheney needed his vote on the Court, so there wouldn’t be any ‘accidents’ on that trip.

On the up side, this will probably boost Cheney’s popularity among the Bubba voters. You ain’t been huntin’ till you bagged a buddy in some circles.

Moral of this story: If you go hunting with Dick, make sure he has a keen interest in keeping you alive.

UPDATE: Seems that Cheney might have been drinking, and the press is scrubbing that angle from the story. Also, I was right, Harry Whittington was a liberal… a liberal Republican, but liberal none-the-less. The victim has suffered a heart attack due to complications from his injuries, and isn’t out of the woods yet. The big question is, of course, if Whittington dies, will Cheney face the consequences of what looks very much like a criminally negligent homocide and possibly an attempted cover-up? It was over a day between the shooting and local police involvement and release of the news. One has to be very determined to exonnerate Cheney of all responsibility to not find fault with the way this accident happened and was dealt with. I have little doubt that, in all honesty, the shooting was an accident and that Cheney feels terrible about it. The question is whether he will use his position to escape the consequences of the accident which would fall upon the average citizen.