Children’s Health Care One Clear Contrast Between Giffords and Bee


Let me make this clear: Gabby is superior in every way to Timby for anyone who shares my values and philosophy of government. I’ll frequently needle Gabby for not being progressive or vocal enough, that’s my job as a citizen, but I believe that almost any Democrat in Congress is better for America than almost any Republican.

One clear illustration is the recent SCHIP veto override vote, which Democrats lost 260 – 152. Gabby voted for the override; Timby has criticized Gabby frequently for her support of the SCHIP expansion, so it seems quite unlikely he would have voted for the override.

Regardless of both Gabby’s and Timby’s predisposition to gravitate toward the middle ground, on many issues Republican dogma simply won’t allow a candidate like Timby to espouse common-sensical and forward-thinking policies that make America and Americans healthier, wealthier and happier. Their philosophy is innately hostile to governance, so why allow them to govern? That is why Republicans are going to continue losing elections, and richly deserve to do so.

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  2. James Wrote:
    “There are 6 billion people on this planet. There are also 3 billion cellphone subscribers. Are the people so stupid that they would rather pay a cellphone bill then get good medical care? Some policies cost as little a s $ 100 a month. No, medical care is not cumbersome and expensive.”

    What planet do YOU live on, James?? I wish my health insurance was as cheap as my cellphone bill!

    Please tell me where you can get full coverage for $100.00….. it doesn’t exist. There are many DISCOUNT plans that are inexpensive, but all you get is a LOWER rate for medical services, say $40 for a basic exam, or only $500.oo for an ER visit that would normally be billed for well over $1000.

  3. My web-site or outlines my FINDINGS with the AARP and the S-Chip Program voted on by Congress!

    Fact is Giffords and The AARP have deceived Senior Citizens and there HMO’s into thinking that Senior Citizens HMO’s MUST GIVE UP 12% of there funding to fund the S-Chip Program for the Children of Illegal Aliens!

    Cutting HMO’s THAT WORK for Senior Citizens to Fund Kids Healthcare IS WRONG!

    The AARP speaks out of BOTH sides of its mouth by advocating FOR the S-Chip Program(for Kids of Illegals) CUTTING HMO’s and BEING a SPONSOR OF A HMO The AARP Secure Horizons HMO through Pacificare of which Iam a member! AARP is The Advocate for Senior Citizens 50 and above???!!

    The CEO of the AARP IS A LIAR LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE (Mike Likes the word Liar I just wanted to see how it feels to use LIAR LIAR LIAR in a sentence)

    I SUPPORTED THE DEFEAT of the S-Chip Program being financed on the Backs of Medicare and The Senior Citizens HMO Programs!

    I support S-Chip in a straight forward Bill in Congress that directs funding towards Children in “NEEDY” households NOT households of parents who choose NOT to get insurance because it is supplied by there employers or Parents earning $80,000 a year who DO NOT by Insurance for themselves or there kids!


    Giffords DOES know the AARP IS a lobbyist group that is paying her expenses and giving her money for her campaign!

    THE MONEY WHORE in Action Folks Screwing Senior Citizens ” FOR THE CHILDREN!”

  4. Micheal Bryan,

    A leader distinguishes himself by the tactful engagement of dissent and contrary opinions. Dissent exposes new thinking to secondary and third order effects of problems.


    1. We subsidize a great deal of things in this country that we agree on.

    2. We agree defense contracting does need to be re-examined. Deregulation and more privatization would do well to reduce waste and give the warfighter more effective tools on the War of Terror.

    3. We agree that too much is spent overseas with a disregard for those of us at home. Heather MacDonald’s book THE BURDEN OF BAD IDEAS goes to address what we can do in America.

    4. I would suggest to you that the Market does not breed children. People do and people have a responsibility to provide for these children.

    5. I would also suggest that government is driving up costs for those of us that can afford health care. Why should you or I wait in line and pay more for less, when we can get the help when we need when we need it and pay a market price for it AND insure the kids that help?

    Think outside the box a bit.


    Thank you for your engagement. It shows you are truly concerned about getting to the root of the problem and are open to working with diverse folks to solve the problem regardless of who gets the credit. Would that more of us were like you.

    To your question, I believe that our society has the most developed health care system in the world. It is truly telling when the British and the Canadians come here to get medical care. It is also telling when Americans go to Mexico or Argentina to get care.

    I think if we had more choice and less government, we could get cheaper care, more quality, and more people covered.

    The Market works.

    There are 6 billion people on this planet. There are also 3 billion cellphone subscribers. Are the people so stupid that they would rather pay a cellphone bill then get good medical care? Some policies cost as little a s $ 100 a month. No, medical care is not cumbersome and expensive.

    Many in the medical profession have a presumptousness. They are overworked and arrogant and often we have no choice as to what doctor we get. There has got to be a better way.

    If we adopt a programme similiar to Barack or worse Hillary’s plan, then many of us will start going to Mexico for help. We have an opportunity now to get the market involved and get better and cheaper care for all.

  5. You write:
    “Timby has criticized Gabby frequently for her support of the SCHIP expansion…”


  6. James–

    The bottom line question is whether you think a country as rich/developed as ours should allow people to die or experience severe suffering from untreated health condition because they can’t afford healthcare–emergency rooms are required under federal law only to stabilize patients who arrive at their doorsteps. The Republicans offer tax credits for people’s expenditures on healthcare or health insurance, yet don’t know/acknowledge that there are MANY people who don’t earn enough to allow them to take advantage of such tax credits. Obviously, the federal/state governments does need to do whatever they can now to decrease inefficiency/waste/fraud in the healthcare system. However, going to a totally market-based system would be followed by some barbaric results.

  7. James,

    We have always subsidized healthcare…and we subsidize a heck of a lot more in this country. Many of these subsidies go to companies that produce faulty weapons and tanks that are outside the inspection of most govt. agencies but defense. We spend hundreds of billions on Iraq and most GOP still pee their pants when we suggest spending far less to help out people who are born in poverty. In this case, children.

    We have never had a free market in this country…it is myth, fallacy…and pure market is total theory. Markets fail…we know that as fact. Where they fail the most is that not all can compete and when money is hoarded (in this country…all over the place) it creates barriers to entry based on price, collusion, and series of other things.

    All this blabber has a point. The market fails children…yes…it is expensive on others who have to pay for it…but we could be a helluva lot less greedy…AND we could try to do this with a straight face when we argue that spending on arms races and wars in other countries is somehow more just, fair and ethical than treating a market failure that harms the most innocent.

  8. Where are you going to get the money to doctor up these kids? Why do you believe that government health care is better than private health care? Don’t you know that when you subsidize health care you make regular health care less affordable to everyone else? If you believe that Hillarycare for kids is the way to go, why does Medicare keep driving costs up?