Chris Simcox’s extreme makeover

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David Neiwert at posted this report on our recently declared Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona, Minuteman Chris Simcox's past will haunt his GOP primary bid against McCain:

The latest step in Minutemen cofounder Chris Simcox's extreme makeover is now up for electoral review: Simcox is challenging John McCain in the Arizona 2010 GOP primary.

For starters, there's going to be all that footage available of Simcox when he was in his full-on Minuteman phase, including footage like that above — excerpts from filmmaker Nikolaj Vijborg's excellent short documentary, USA Under Attack, containing the following quotes from Simcox:

I feel that the people that are coming across, invading this country, I think that they should be treated as enemies of the state. We need to putting them in work camps. Anyone could walk through these borders of this country bringing bombs, chemicals, weapons of mass destruction. I think they should be shot on sight, personally.

Those guys [D.C. politicians] need to be, you know, lynched. If we're attacked again, then we need some vigilanteism. Then we need some going into Washington, pulling them out of their offices, kicking them out of office. We need revolution.

And then there was his Minuteman compatriot in this video, Craig Howard:

No, we ought to be able to shoot the Mexicans on sight, and that would end the problem. After two or three Mexicxans are shot, they'll stop crossing the border and they'll take their cows home, too.

Stephen Lemon at Phoenix New Times is positively licking his chops, since Simcox's candidacy will make for an entertaining primary, if nothing else: "This must be what reporters in Louisiana felt like when ex-Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke ran against Edwin Edwards for Governor of the Pelican State."

Moreover, Simcox has so much baggage that you can probably count on a good deal of ink being spilled over the job of dredging it all up:

But this sort of calculated posturing will not rid him of all the baggage he's accumulated in his weird journey from L.A. kindergarten teacher to self-avowed border patriot in Cochise County, and now Scottsdale resident and seeker of public office. He is widely loathed in his own movement for his high-handedness, hence the nickname, "The Little Prince." Defectors from his ranks have regularly accused him of financial shenanigans, shenanigans he's denied. According to the few financial records MCDC has online, Simcox draws no salary from the organization he leads, which raises the question as to the source of his personal income.

Simcox cannot write off these complaints and questions as coming from sore losers, traitors and plotters of internal coups. In 2006, the conservative Washington Times published a stinging expose about Simcox's lack of financial accountability as president of MCDC. The article pointed out that former MCDC-ers were "questioning the whereabouts of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars in donations."

Then there's the problem of his criminal record. In 2004 Simcox was convicted in U.S. District Court of carrying a semi-automatic handgun onto a national park, and giving a "false or fictitious report" to a federal park ranger about the incident. He received 24 months of supervised probation and a fine of $1,000. The gun carrying stuff might play well with his followers, but his conviction for giving a "false or fictitious report" could raise concerns about Simcox's credibility.

Read the entire post and watch the accompanying video.

UPDATE April 27, 2009: Check out this nearly substance-free reporting from the Arizona Daily Star about Chris Simcox McCain challenger Simcox has challenges all his own

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  1. Patt:

    Its the anti-ILLEGAL-immigrant crowd; and yes there are still some of us in America who believe in The Rule of Law not just for Americans but for those who break the laws of the United States no matter what whacky Janet says!

  2. My prediction is that Simcox will any “any coverage to be good coverage” when it comes to beating media darling John McCain. As for his false or fictitious report, for a possible Simcox supporter breaking the law only _really_ counts if you are an illegal alien.

    As a Libertarian I would, of course, prefer that laws prohibiting otherwise peaceful conduct be eliminated.

  3. This is going to be an interesting primary season with so many far right Republicans challenging each other. Simcox could steal some votes from McCain from the Arpaio-loving, anti-immigrant crowd. It remains to be seen, if McCain will alter his immigration stance to compete with Simcox for those votes in the primary.