Christian Zealots Use Privileged Access to the AZ Senate Chamber for Weird Sectarian Rites

As reported by AZCentral: Well, this is… creepy. Zealots kneel and lay hands on the State Seal while chanting and wailing uncannily while the leader invokes a magic spell intended to invoke the presence of their deity in the public’s Senate chamber. A weird cult? An ancient hidden coven of ritual magic practitioners?

No. Just Senator Anthony Kern (the election-denying, fake elector fraud, and Congressional candidate) abusing his privileged access to the Senate Chamber to lead a group of evangelical Christian zealots onto the Senate floor after hours to perform what most of us would consider a pretty odd religious ritual featuring speaking in tongues (i.e. babbling and wailing and moaning) and channeling their version of God through the State Seal on the carpet by laying on hands, and a magic invocation of “the hovering glory of God Almighty” into the Senate Chamber.

Here’s the video of the freaky ritual in progress on YOUR Senate floor:

Footage of the weird ritual

You can hear the babbling chants and the words of the magic ritual, saying,

Let it be so, Lord God!

Let iit be so!

Let it be so!

Lord right now please release the presence of the Lord in the Senate chamber!

Please Release the hovering glory of the God Almighty in the Senate chamber!

I wonder just how feverishly the Christian Nationalists amongst the MAGA fascists in the AZGOP caucus would be freaking the fuck out if this were a group of Satanists or Pagans led onto the Senate floor after hours by a secular member of the body for a non-Christian ritual to invoke Satan, or Thor, or the Mother, or the Spirit of the Ages, or whatever?

I think this is offensive in the extreme. Not because of the religion of those involved, but because such privileged access to the chamber is not provided equally to all religions. If the Senate chamber were opened to all for their religious rituals, that would be fine with me. But a Member abusing his privileged access to allow just one sect of Christianity to perform such rights? I think that is clearly an arrogation of a Member’s privilege to attempt the establishment of an ‘official’ religion by invoking his deity’s presence to inhabit people’s chamber and to arrogate our chamber into a sectarian tabernacle.

I call on Warren Petersen to either sanction this abuse of Senator Kern’s access or to officially open the Senate chamber after hours for the use of any religion that wishes to hold their holy rituals in this decidedly public place.

You can add your voice by contacting Sen. Petersen at and (602) 926-4136. Don’t let this slide!

12 thoughts on “Christian Zealots Use Privileged Access to the AZ Senate Chamber for Weird Sectarian Rites”

  1. I’m surprised Kavanagh has time for anything, considering his obsession with surpressing votes, trans-people, LG people, and bathroom use. Meanwhile his never ending demands for transparency to an unreasonable degree from real public schools, but none from his rich pals voucher purchases.

  2. They’re creepy and they’re kooky
    Mysterious and spooky
    They’re all together ooky
    The MAGA Cult Extreme!

  3. I would love to see a list of everyone involved – have only seen Kern’s name attached to this.

      • Never gonna happen.

        They prefer to let some good out into the world, and a goat has more good in one horn than JGCK has in his entire body.
        JGCK, though his handler at The Center for Arizona Policy, does their bidding.

      • Interesting how John Kavanaugh has become the linchpin of this blog’s comments section.
        At least half the comments are replies directly to him and another fair number just mention him for no reason in particular.

        • Conflict drives engagement.

          It’s why every day is the LAST DAY ON EARTH OMG on every cable news channel and there are always some NEWS ALERT even on a day old story.

          It’s why MAGA’s complain about right wing social media. There are no liberals to pwn. It’s actually big problem for right wing websites. The users say they’re no fun.

          Probably left wing sites, too, but not as much, lefties tend to be more open minded.

          Personally I reply to JGCK because he’s a bad person who puts on a fake face, and no one should be allowed to do the horrible things he does and then go about public buiness claiming to be something else.

          Like when he pulled the “God is here” thing or whatever.

          Based on his actions and comments, I assume the “god” he was refereing to was Pazuzu. Maybe Buguul, could be any random demon, I’m not sure.

          Can’t be Jesus, again, just based on JGCK’s words and actions.

          There was another fake conservative named Steve that used to post a lot, and it drove a lot of comments. It’s not specific to JGCK. Falcon9 got reactions.

          And now I realize I’m mansplaining, and I’ve done exactly what Liza said, ripping on old Government Checks.

          Dammit, I’m a cliche.

          • I remember Steve. He used to write these lengthy word hemorrhages that didn’t really say much of anything. He’s a Vietnam vet, I believe.

            Conflict drives engagement, to be sure. But I’ve seen many comments directed at JK from multiple commenters that feel more like attempts to run him off which is the opposite of engagement.

            Some of his recent comments about Biden’s poll numbers are factual. No one here wants to engage on that subject.

            John hasn’t brought this up but the elephant in Biden’s room is Israel/Gaza/and now Iran. No one here touches that with a ten foot pole. Betts Hidalgo and I have brought this up only to be called historical and political illiterates by DG.

            What is clear is that Democrats don’t want to engage in discussing issues where Biden looks bad.

            If the GOP were running a real candidate instead of Trump assuming they could find one, they would walk away with the presidency in November. And a lot of the reason would be Gaza. But we can’t discuss Gaza.

          • Agree with most, as usual, Liza. On Israel especially 1000%, and I think Biden will win just because he’s not the other guy, polls or not, but I’m still getting 2016 vibes from the Dems for other reasons.

            The problem with JGCK is he’s not an honest person.

            Remember this crap he pulled?


            He’s a government official, he should know how the refugee process works, or know who to ask, so he was either lying or doesn’t know how to do his job.

            He’s an elected official trying to stir up a violent mob using fear and hate. OMG.

            Even Huppenthal, cosplaying as Falcon9, used to try to make a case for his ideas, he just wasn’t coherent and his cherry picking “facts” was ridiculous.

            When’s the last time JGCK tried to convince anyone here that his party had the better ideas?

            He doesn’t, he just trolls then runs away.

            I know a lot of small limited government conservatives and they are nothing like Kavanagh, most of them are deeply offended by the convicted rapist con man that JGCK supports.

            Don’t sweat the polls too much right now, I’m more worried about the years that MAGA has had to plan another J6 when they lose, or worse, their plans if they win.

            They openly say they want to end democracy, holy crap, and Kavanagh is on their side, so I’ll dedicate my favorite Mike Campbell and the Dirty Knobs song to him.


          • Ha ha, funny video by MC. I love the guy with the coronavirus head. I wonder if this is the logical conclusion of spending 50 years with Tom Petty (RIP).

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