Citizens Clean Elections Debates for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

I leave the education writing to David Safier, but that slacker is on vacation right now. (Just kidding, Dave).

The news reporting on the debates this week between the candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction was weak to nonexistent. For all the claims that education is the top priority, you would never know it from the lack of media coverage.

So what I will do is post the videos of the debates and invite readers to watch the debates and to discuss in the comments.

First the Republicans.

And the Democrats.

The Arizona Guardian (subscription required) reported that the Democratic candidates got testy wth one another after the debate, challenging each other's experience, among other things. I wasn't there, so I do not know more.

The Arizona Guardian reports today that a Penny Kotterman supporter filed a complaint on Thursday with the Citizens Clean Elections Commission challenging Jason Williams' eligibility to receive public campaign money. The four-part complaint accuses Williams of misreporting campaign contributions and expenses, as well as using his private corporation for unreported donations and paying salaries and campaign staff.

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  1. How can Kotterman accuse Williams of misreporting when she is doing the same thing with the union she used to run. Dirty politician. I am so sick of this kind of crap from people who only care about themselves. You do NOT deserve to run our schools.

    This is why the Superintendent of Public Instruction should NOT be an elected position. We get idiots running our schools. Look at the top rated states for education. They don’t elect their state superintendents. Only backwards Arizona and few others are too dumb to figure this out.

    By the way, how did Betty White get on the ballot on the GOP side? It took her 20 seconds to think of a way to say “PhD.”