Clinton sweeps, Trump wins but falters in Ohio


The Ides of March came for the challengers in Tuesday’s primaries with the front-runners expanding their delegate leads to their party nominations. The delegate math gets even better for the front-runners.

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Hillary Clinton easily bested Bernie Sanders in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, and pulled out a narrow win over Sanders in Illinois and eked out a razor-thin Missouri primary win. In fact, the primaries for both parties in Missouri were so close that Recounts are possible in both of Missouri’s presidential primaries.

It was a huge night for Clinton expanding her delegate lead. Sanders vows to press on despite growing deficit in delegate race.

Donald Trump also won “yuuuge” in Florida’s winner-take-all primary, knocking Marco Rubio Roboto out of the race. A Distant Second at Home, Marco Rubio Ends a Disappointing Campaign. “The Donald” also won the winner-take-all GOP Caucus in the Northern Mariana Islands, and easily won the primaries in North Carolina and Illinois. Trump appeared to eke out razor-thin Missouri primary win with a Recount possible in both of Missouri’s presidential primaries.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich won his home state’s winner-take-all primary keeping his slim hopes alive. Kasich Captures Ohio, Keeping Hopes Alive. But where does he go for a second act?

Next Tuesday are the primaries in Arizona (winner-take-all for the GOP) and Utah, and the Idaho Caucus (D) and American Samoa Caucus (R).


  1. I think Kasich stays in. He said this morning that both Trump and Cruz would lose a general election.
    Bernie stays in, and he continues to win some states, but Hillary pivots to taking down Trump.
    This has been an amazing year, and will continue to surprise us.

  2. Gov. John Kasich will drop out shortly, so then it will be between Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. Don’t forget to vote in the upcoming AZ Presidential Preference Election on March 22, 2016.

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