UPDATED: Cochise County Supervisors’ Chickens Come Home to Roost… Carrying Subpeonas.

The intrepid Jen Fifield at VoteBeat reports that legal trouble is brewing for the two Cochise County Supervisors and scoff-laws Peggy Judd and Tom Crosby who tried to hold up certification of the elections in 2022 to cater to lies and obstructionism of sore-losers #LyingLoserLake, Mark “Fink” Finchem, and #LyingAbe Hamadeh.

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes is investigating two Cochise County supervisors who refused to certify the county’s midterm election results by the state-required deadline.

Supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd, both Republicans, were served subpoenas last week by Mayes’ office explaining that they are under investigation and ordering them to appear before the state grand jury on Nov. 13, according to a Votebeat review of Judd’s subpoena and a Herald Review report of Crosby’s subpoena. Judd’s subpoena has not been previously reported.

The subpoenas do not specify the criminal violations that the office is investigating. But Cochise County Supervisor Ann English, the third member of the three-member board and the only Democrat, told Votebeat that she was interviewed Tuesday by an investigator from Mayes’ office who asked her about Crosby and Judd’s refusal to certify the election, along with their push to hand-count all ballots during the county’s post-election audit.

Trial court judges deemed both actions illegal at the time, forcing the officials to vote to certify and blocking the full hand count of ballots. English, who had voted to certify and against moving forward with the full hand count, said she has not been served with a subpoena.

Mayes’ office said it could not divulge the topic of any grand jury investigation, citing a state law that prohibits discussion of grand jury matters.

Mayes’ probe of the southern Arizona county’s attempts to disrupt the midterm election results could deter county officials who may want to do the same during the upcoming presidential election. Former state Attorney General Terry Goddard, a Democrat who had called for an investigation on the supervisors’ refusal to certify the election, was glad to hear it was underway.

“Elected officials don’t just get to pick the laws they want to follow,” he told Votebeat.

Votebeat.org, By Jen Fifield | October 30, 2023

The entire article is worth a read. I gotta just say that I am SOOO grateful we have an Attorney General in Kris Mayes who is actually interested in honoring her oath and enforcing our laws. I have zero doubt that if any Democrat had done anything equivalent to attempt to disenfranchise Arizona voters, our Attorney General would be all up in their business with a Grand Jury, as well.

Without fear or favoritism! There was a time in this country when more than one party was interested in enforcing the law in an evenhanded manner. Let’s hope – and VOTE – so as to ensure that this norm is firmly re-established!

UPDATE: Democratic Candidate for Cochise County Recorder Anne Carl provided the following statement to BlogForArizona:

Accountability’s crucial for combating the nonstop election disinformation, drama and expense. It’s spewed unchecked from the highest levels of Cochise County government, and we’re beyond sick of it, so good on AG Kris Mayes. If only she could also hold Recorder David Stevens accountable. He is the third Musketeer and frequent ring leader for the other two.

We’ve had 4 Election Directors in less than a year. Nine lawsuits in about as many months. We pay for both sides sometimes. And even when we don’t, all of this costs us in money, anguish, staff time better spent elsewhere.

We have real needs here, problems to fix, regular business to conduct. But we can’t get there till we unseat these extremists. We need leaders we can trust to do the job, people who show up, put party affiliation aside and just do what they’re elected to do.

Until then, we have to hold these flame throwers accountable. They’re dangerous and costly. Commonsense Republicans, Independents and Democrats all deserve better.

-Anne Carl

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  1. John Government Checks Kavanagh has made this same BS statement before.

    He used to be a transit cop in New Jersey (gross) and daily made choice on who to ticket and to not ticket.

    I’ve been pulled over for doing 95 on the freeway and let go after the cop saw my white face and commented on my Ahwatukee zip code.

    It happens everyday all day long and the old mooch knows it. He’s a liar.

    John Government Checks Kavanagh thinks we don’t have memories or thinking skills, because he’s projecting.

    But we need to give John Government Checks Buy My Supper Kavanagh, the leader of his party who he voted for twice is a convicted rapist, so he’s probably conflicted deep down in his feels.

    RaicesTexas Dot Org

    • Nice redirect – rationalize bad behavior by some of your own, behavior that you agree with, by conflating it with the behavior of others, behavior that you don’t agree with.

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