Come Meet Bob Lord


By Michael Bryan

lord-sqOur favorite class-warrior and BlogForArizona contributor, Bob Lord, will be in Tucson tonight for Drinking Liberally. Come on down to the Shanty tonight starting at 6pm to meet Bob and hear him speak about how we need to embrace “Tax and Spend” as a cure for our current macro-economic woes.



  1. Sorry I missed most of Bob’s talk but I caught the tail end when he spoke of “economic justice” and corporate greed. Greed being one of the 7 deadly sins is indeed fueling a lot of the problems in 21st century America. Robert Reich does reveal it all in his film “Inequality for All”, which this Drinking Liberally group has been trying to see at one of their meetings. Afterwards we took a group Blog for AZ photo which Pam should be posting shortly. Thanks Bob for driving down from Phoenix to share your wisdom with about 30 people tonight at The Shanty.

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