Committees update


By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings


Note: when I write "nothing significant" (or a reasonable facsimile
thereof), it's not an insult to the candidate committees that have
formed at a particular level.  For the purposes of this post,
"significant" mostly means "a candidate that we've heard of before"

Committees of note formed recently…


Federal level –

Martha McSally (R) declared her candidacy for the CD2 seat currently held by Ron Barber.


State level –

significant new candidate committees that I could find, but the end of
the legislative session was marked by a flurry of activity on the
referendum front –

Label GMOs Arizona, 201400138, supporting a initiative petition drive regarding the labeling of genetically modified foods.

Representative Initiatives, 201400149, supporting an as-yet unidentified initiative or referendum petition drive.

United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives, 201400140, seeking to overturn the lege's recent restoration of Medicaid eligibility levels via a referral to the ballot.

Arizonans for Sensible Health Care, 201400167, opposing the proposed ballot measure above.  Fronted by the CEO of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association.

We The People AZ Against Common Core, 201400168, seeking to refer to the ballot a part
of the state's budget that increased the bonding limit for school
districts.  Fronted by Wes Harris, one of the state's more infamous tea
party types.

Equal Marriage Arizona, 201400163, supporting an initiative petition drive for a measure that would recognize same sex marriages.  Fronted by LGBT Republicans.

Arizona Taxpayers Protection Committee,
201400171, supporting an as-yet unidentified ballot measure.  At least,
that's how the AZSOS has them categorized on the SOS' website. 
However, a perusal of the group's website
shows that their goal is to support primary challengers to Republicans
who supported Medicaid restoration.  Fronted by Tom Husband, former
chair of the MCGOP and Shane Wikfors, a long-time GOP operative and

Protect Your Right To Vote Committee, 201400177, seeking to refer to the ballot and overturn HB2305, the anti-voter measure passed by the Republicans in the waning moments of this year's session of the legislature.  Fronted by Julie Erfle.

Safer Arizona, 201400153, supporting an initiative petition drive for a potential measure legalizing marijuana.  Fronted by Dennis Bohlke, a computer programmer who has run afoul of narcotics-related laws in the past.

Steve at Arizona Eagletarian has coverage of the ballot questions committees here.

Note – BfA readers who aren't based in Maricopa County can completely ignore the rest of this post.  🙂


Maricopa County level –

Nothing significant yet.


Municipal level (Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa) - 

Nothing in Tempe or Mesa as yet.  There are a couple of filings of interest in Scottsdale, however.

– Michael Auerbach, operator of a personal chef for hire business, member of Scottsdale's Neighborhood Advisory Commission, and a Republican PC in LD23 (north Scottsdale), filed for a run for City Council.








– John Little, a former Scottsdale City Manager, has filed for a run for City Council.








Little was city manager of Scottsdale until he was fired,
allegedly because of "conflicts" with the Council.  The interesting
part of that firing was the fact that, seemingly, the only people who
had a conflict with Little were the four members of the City Council who
voted to fire him.  I haven't followed Little's career since the
firing, but if he still has the same sort of community support, the race
will be tough.

For the other candidates.

John Washington of Scottsdale Trails offers his take on Little's candidacy here.