Confront Corruption Vigil Tonight in Tucson

By Michael Bryan

Inexplicably, no one had organized a Confront Corruption / Demand Democracy candlelight vigil for the Tucson area tonight, so I took it upon myself to remedy the problem. You can use this quick link to RSVP, if you like.

A candlelight vigil will take place on the front lawn of 4400 East Broadway Boulevard, starting at sundown (7:30pm), where Rep. Martha McSally has her district office. The location is clearly visible to passing traffic on Broadway. Bring signs and candles and/or chemical glow sticks to peacefully stand up for our democracy against the assaults by President Trump and his Republican-led Congress of inaction and unaccountability.


5 responses to “Confront Corruption Vigil Tonight in Tucson

  1. Just noticed time is stated as 7:30 on calendar item. Thx

  2. Carolyn Classen

    Posted on our image Calendar: Thanks for both AZ Blue Meanie and Michael Bryan for posting on this nationwide vigil.

  3. what time? – I know sundown has been announced – but can you be more specific? Thx