Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz New DNC Chairwoman

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Wasserman-SchultzPolitico reports that President Barack Obama has chosen Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the incoming chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, the party announced late Tuesday. Debbie Wasserman Schultz picked as Democratic National Committee chair:

Wasserman Schultz, 44, was chosen for her strength as a fundraiser and as a television messenger and for her clout in the crucial swing state of Florida, the sources said.

She will succeed Tim Kaine, who announced earlier Tuesday that he will run for U.S. Senate from Virginia.

The committee announced the choice in an email to members from Vice President Joe Biden.

“In selecting Debbie to lead our party, President Obama noted her tenacity, her strength, her fighting spirit and her ability to overcome adversity,” Biden wrote.

“President Obama expressed great admiration for her as a leader, and he was honored that she accepted this important challenge on behalf of the Democratic Party.”

Wasserman Schultz becomes the first female DNC chief in 15 years and the third in history.

The congresswoman is beloved by the Democratic rank and file for her aggressive, outspoken advocacy for liberal points of view. She’s frequently deployed as a surrogate, particularly to groups of women and Jewish voters.

The congresswoman's congressional web site is here. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz | Representing the 20th District of Florida.

Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz is a close friend of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Maybe Arizona Democrats will finally get some attention from the DNC like, oh I don't know, the DNC Chairwoman serving as keynote speaker at fundraiser events (hint, hint). You are always welcome here in Baja Arizona, Madam Chairwoman.

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  1. The challenge is huge. But the main problem with the DNC is message. The biggest enemy is the propaganda on FOX that the majority oh the people watch. The only way to counter them is to take off the gloves and fight back. FOX is the biggest challenge to the DNC!


    Madam Wasserman Schultz

    I am a Floridian resident…I vote for all elections
    I switched my registered party to Republican for the primary to try to avoid Rick Scott but it didn’t work and these Floridian elected a crook involved with healthcare on top of that…! I am an 150% supporter of Obama and you. I am delighted you got your new job!!!

    My point is the fact that Democrats are played around by Republicans when it comes to strategic marketing.

    During the debate (and before) about tax cuts in December they put the limit at $250.000.00 it was a HUGE mistake.
    They should have gone to $1M or (750,000.00) to make a statement that they are not against people having successful careers but they are asking the SUPER rich to contribute.

    A couple of 2 professionals middle age in New York can reach very easily and quickly $250.000.00 and are not super rich considering the cost of living in NY and all the cost of education they had to pay and still pay to get there.

    A small business owner working very hard, taking risks can be over the $250,000 and not be considered at all as SUPER RICH either.
    Speaking about that too many LLC are even created by Big Businesses and are NOT MOM AND PAP LLLC. We have to be specific in this domain and don’t paint with a wide brush..

    Other point is the fact that if you own your own business you can live “Free”…..You can use as expenses your car, your gas, your vacations trips.
    Your real profits represent a small piece of your real incomes. I know people having a somewhat successful “small business” and driving a Ferrari and paying almost no taxes….
    We have to educate people about that, the average American has no idea and is manipulated to think that we are killing small businesses and they dream to have one one day…
    Very bad psychologically speaking. Lets emphaticized that the regular employee cannot deduct his gas bill to go to work, his car payments, a part of his rent……all that a “small business” can do and more…

    Perception wise $1M would have been considered a real threshold separating the super rich from the pack. We should use it now (or minimum 750,000.00) NOT $250,000 that will costs us big!!!
    All deductions should be on the table, set up limits and we could even lower taxes after that …. and we will win the “perception war” and increase the revenues in a FAIR way! A total WINNER…..

    My other comment is the fact that after we lost the November elections and we knew we will have to face these lunatics of the tea party WE SHOULD NOT HAVE RENEWED the mandates of Nancy Polosi and Reed who are labelled extreme liberals. We should have had you or Schummer or somebody in the same vein in order to face these extremists on the other side. It is not helping in this contentious climate. Don’t misunderstand, I appreciate Polosi and Reed BUT STRATEGICALLY speaking it was a HUGE mistake

    Wish you the best and speak up for us against BIG CORPORATE and their “valets”.
    In fact Republicans are scarring everybody with socialism when we are living in a Communist country or totalitarian, name it as you want…
    Yes we don’t have a corrupt dictator at the helm, we don’t have a Communist Party but we have Big Corporate Business and at the end the result is THE SAME!
    A small group of people detains all the money and therefore all the power and put everybody else in a position of “slavery”