Conservative East Valley Tribune manages to endorse two Democrats

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The very conservative East Valley Tribune managed to endorse two Democrats for statewide offices. No, really. Will its invitations to Tea Party events now be cancelled in retaliation? Endorsements: State races – East Valley Tribune:


This race features lifelong politician Tom Horne vs. Democratic newcomer Felecia Rotellini.

Horne has experience as an attorney and is a proponent of SB 1070, which will earn him votes. But there are also red flags (his lifetime ban by the Securities and Exchange Commission and track record as state superintendent of public instruction).

Rotellini, who served as an assistant attorney general for 14 years and knows the office well, has endorsements from several police and fire organizations and almost all of the state’s media — including the Tribune. In her meeting with our editorial board, Rotellini came across as articulate, knowledgeable, level-headed and tough on crime.


Penny Kotterman and John Huppenthal come at this position from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Huppenthal has been a member of the Legislature for 17 years and has enormous passion for education. He lives for research and dives into study after study trying to determine the best course of action for Arizona’s schools. He’s also a big school choice proponent and has played a key role in expanding options for families — including open enrollment, charter schools and tuition tax credits.

Penny Kotterman is a former school teacher who has spent 33 years in education, including six years as the president of the state’s largest teacher’s union, the Arizona Education Association.

We like Kotterman for two reasons. First, she will be a stronger advocate for public schools, whose performance has declined sharply in the last decade. Beyond that, we think that — after 16 years of having politicians in the superintendent’s office — it’s time to turn that position over to a teacher who has been there and done that in Arizona’s school system.

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