Coolidge overturns its policy of “Christian-only” invocations

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

Disappointing litigious Constitutional law attorneys all over the country, the Coolidge City Council pulled its collective head out of its collective ass on Monday night.

From the Casa Grande Dispatch, written by Joey Chenoweth –

Following a week of backlash that captured the attention of people around the country, the Coolidge City Council in a special meeting Monday night voted to deny an amended resolution that would have allowed only Christians to pray before its meetings.

Council members first held a 35-minute executive session where they were able to receive legal counsel outside of the public eye. When they came back, they quickly went through the two items on the regular agenda, unanimously denying the Christian-only amendment, then allowing prayer from all faiths to start its meetings.

Just speculatin’ now, ya unnerstand, but I betcha that part of the conversation during the executive session was the City of Coolidge’s attorney advising the City of Coolidge’s elected leaders that cranio-rectal dislodgement surgery isn’t covered under the City of Coolidge’s health insurance and that they would have to remedy things before more costly measures were required…


Note: the member of the Coolidge City Council, Rob Hudelson, posted some triumphant messages to Facebook and Twitter in the aftermath of the original vote; he has been silent (in those places, anyway) since the second vote.

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