Corruption ± Citizens United ± Corporate Personhood

  1. Corruption is the #1 key issue. A great many of
    our other problems can be seen as consequences of the fundamental
    corruption issue. For details, see section 1. There is
    a proverb that says: Pay attention to the thing you care about.
    That means we need to keep the corruption issue front-and-center. We
    need to avoid distractions.
  2. This is a fixable problem. The simplest and most direct way to
    fix it is to demand that the Department of Justice enforce the
    existing bribery laws. See section 2.
  3. The Citizens United decision is ridiculous, but it is only a
    small part of the problem. See section 3. There is no way of
    overturning the decision anytime soon, but that’s not fatal, because
    there are other ways of attacking the corruption problem.
  4. Corporate personhood is not the issue, not even a little bit.
    It is at least two jumps removed from being the real issue. See
    section 4. If you focus attention on corporate
    personhood, you just make yourself look foolish.


1  Corruption
2  Demand Enforcement of the Existing Laws
3  Citizens United
4  Corporations Exist
5  Digression: Terminology
6  Some Examples of Corruption
7  Obstacles to Enforcement
8  References