Could it Be True? Has Thucky Returned?


I know, I know, it could be an imposter seeking to punk us.

Nonetheless, I’m positively brimming with excitement.

You see, a commenter going by “John Huppenthal” posted a comment to one of the BlueMeanie’s posts yesterday. BlueMeanie’s response was as you would expect: flat-out mean. There’s a reason for that monicker, you know.

But I sure hope he hasn’t chased our old friend away.

I actually had wanted to reach out to the Thuckster during his lame duck days in the Supe’s office.

I’d had the idea that he could write a regular column for us here called “Thucky’s Corner'” but my colleagues nixed it. They felt it would distract us from our mission. Then I had the idea that he and I could create a point-counterpoint blog called “Thucky and the Lord.” I really should have pursued that one.

So, was yesterday’s comment from the real John Huppenthal? It’s really impossible to tell, but I know this: If he were to post again, he wouldn’t use a pseudonym this time. And the substance of the comment was unquestionably Thucky-esque. It wasn’t just your typical climate change denial crap. Rather, it was crap you have to dig really hard to find. You know, crap you’ve never heard before (and likely never will again).

Anyhow, I hope our friend really is back. He can go by whatever name he wants, but he’ll still be Thucky in all our hearts, right?

And I still think Thucky’s Corner would be a popular feature.


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