Craven Jan Brewer fundraises off of humanitarian crisis


There is nothing more craven than a politician who would exploit a humanitarian crisis involving young children from which to financially enrich him or herself. Cue Governor Jan Brewer. Gov. Jan Brewer is using the federal government’s shipments of migrants to Arizona to fatten Jan PAC coffers:

brewer_hateGov. Jan Brewer is using the federal government’s shipments of undocumented migrants to Arizona to fatten her federal political action committee, Jan PAC.

In a message to supporters titled “Abandoned in Arizona,” Brewer says President Barack Obama can ignore her pleas to address the issue, but “he cannot ignore the unified demands of the citizens of this country.” She asks supporters to help “bring respect and security” back by signing a petition to end “his appalling practice.”

“If we continue to let ourselves be walked over, Arizona will become the battleground it is starting to resemble,” the message said. “We must seize the opportunity now and start fighting if we want to redeem our state before it’s too late.”

In a post script to the message, Brewer asks supporters to fund her efforts against the federal government: “It only takes 2 minutes to make a donation to a fight that is worth every penny.”

Public relations consultant Matthew Benson, Brewer’s former spokesman, said the fundraising effort “makes sense.”

If you’re Gov. Brewer and you’ve made your name on the immigration issue, it makes all the sense in the world to raise the red flag about what’s going on along our southern border and to raise money for like-minded candidates,” Benson said. “There are some issues where you want to be careful about fundraising off of — it can look a little craven. But with what’s going on along Arizona’s border and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas … this is happening here, these individuals and all of these kids are being sent to Arizona and it’s something people in Arizona care deeply about and it makes all the sense in the world for Gov. Brewer to lead on this.”

Your first instinct was correct there, Sparky. This looks more than just “a little craven.”

Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods, who has informally advised Brewer on various issues [said] “While it’s clear federal officials are bungling this and many things,” the surge of immigrants and unaccompanied minors has created a “shocking humanitarian crisis” that must be addressed.

“I would hope that the first reaction of our leaders would be, ‘How can I help? What can we do to help these scared and defenseless children that have found their way to our state?'” he said. “Instead, to have people trying to raise money on the crisis is just the same old politics. The first reaction of our state’s leaders in a humanitarian crisis should be to solve problems and to help children. Instead, the first second and third (reaction seems to be, ‘How can I get a political advantage out of this?'”

Added Woods, “Anyone who would respond to a fundraising plea based on the plight of these children ought to examine themselves as well.”

At least there is still one Republican in this state with a conscience and the humanitarian instinct to do the right thing to help.

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