Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio Recall – It’s Official


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Since Blog For Arizona did not receive a press release from Respect Arizona (ahem), here is the Phoenix New Times report on Thursday's press conference. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Target of Recall — It's Official — By Same Community Leaders Who Successfully Ousted Senator Russell Pearce:

A campaign to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under way, with the penning of the first of the 335,000 signatures needed for an election to take place in November.

William James Fisher, a local attorney, is the chairman of Respect Arizona, a political action committee formed to oust the sheriff.

Fisher says, "Arpaio has failed in many ways," citing the sheriff's wasteful spending, the mismanagement of his office, the racial profiling in which his deputies engage, and his preference for publicity over doing his job.


Randy Parraz, a community organizer who led a successful recall effort against former state Senate President Russell Pearce, arguably one of the most powerful politicians in Arizona, says this is "the right fight at the right time."

He says his group is striking now because Arpaio, who spent millions "repackaging himself" through television ads for the public during his re-election campaign, is no longer sitting on a huge political war chest.

"Do we sit back and let him reload? Or do we take him now when he is the most vulnerable?" Parraz says. "The worst thing that can happen to us is that we don't succeed. I can live with that. I can't live with not trying."

* * *

The crew will work to spread the word about Arpaio's deficiencies as they collect the needed signatures.

"This isn't easy work. It's not sexy. It's not glamorous," says Parraz, president of Citizens for a Better Arizona. "It's about engaging people. It's going to be a difficult journey, but we're up for it."

Chad Snow, chairman for Citizens for a Better Arizona, says that two years ago, on this very day, a small group launched efforts to recall Pearce.

Snow says the group pressed forward against Pearce despite many critics saying, "You'd never be able to get the signatures, you won't be able to raise the money, he just had an election, you'll never find a candidate to run against him, and even if you do, he'll never win.

"Nine months later, Russell Pearce was out of a job, defeated in a landslide election" Snow says.

Just as I predicted yesterday, right on cue, the GOP establishment through Laurie Roberts at The Arizona Republic(an) today has an opinion pooh-poohing the recall effort. Arpaio recall already? So predictable.

This is your opportunity to recalll the "most corrupt sheriff in America." Time to go to work.

Here is the Recall Committee information.

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  1. Thanks, Cheri! I am actually only here for a few months. I am working here temporarily. But I always like to get involved in the local Democratic/Progressive scene wherever I am. Arizona needs as many of us as it can get.

    I am from Cleveland, Ohio. We, of course, have Governor Kay-suck, who, like Governor Brewer, bowed to demographic and political reality and agreed to accept the Medicaid expansion. So, I give them both credit for a few functioning neurons.

    I love the way “conservatives” tout the “low taxes” in Arizona. Sure. For Big Business. Not for the poor and middle class. Rather, there are some very regressive taxes here. I bought cat food in Avondale last week, and paid damn near close to 10 percent tax! And that applies to other items as well.

    Please let me know of any activities or need for volunteers. I would be more than happy to participate. I have been very active in Single Payer health care movements in areas I have lived in (I travel for work). Arizona even has a small universal health care movement.

    I have been encouraged by the number of Obama bumper stickers I have seen. Only one Romney sticker so far. They really had to hold their noses on Willard.

    Whenever someone (usually a white male) waxes poetic about his admiration for Sheriff Joe, I advise them to be very careful. “First they came for the Jews…..” A very slippery slope indeed.

  2. Welcome to Arizona, Margaret:) Buckle your seatbelt, because if you moved here from a sane state, you’re in for a bumpy ride! Around here, we breathe a sign of relief when the legislature is NOT in session…that means they can’t screw anything else up. My biggest hope for you, is that you get yourself registered to vote and DO IT IN EVERY SINGLE ELECTION!Maybe, just maybe, we can get back some sanity and reason in our state legislature if newcomers like yourself, follow that one little piece of advice.
    This is a wonderful place that you’ve found and I hope that you participate here often. There are some truly wonderful people here, it’s just that the crazies get the microphone…people are beginning to wake from their slumber of inaction, tired of the same tired, old drivel, from the same tired old village idiots.

    We’ll see if “Dan” manages to give me an answer…those facts always seem to trip them up. Allergies, you know:)

  3. Good job, Cheri. The good old white boys are growing ever more scared, and it is glaringly obvious in the fans of Crazy Sheriff Joe.

    I am new to Arizona and am thrilled to find this blog. Not such a Red State after all, I am relieved to find.

  4. Well, Dan…does this definition of “corrupt” work for you?
    [kuh-ruhpt] Show IPA
    guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked: a corrupt judge.
    debased in character; depraved; perverted; wicked; evil: a corrupt society.
    made inferior by errors or alterations, as a text.
    infected; tainted.
    decayed; putrid.

    Works for me. Let’s use this one. Why on earth would anyone that has been paying attention for the last gazillion years need a witch hunt? If you’re paying any attention outside the bubble you apparently like to live in, there is no need for a hunt of any kind. It’s all there, in black and white! Is this your idea of a man upholding the law and doing his job?

    You like your tax money going to pay for this arrogant baffoon?

    Or killing people on his watch?

    How about stealing tens of millions of dollars?

    Or this?

    Oh wait! There’s more!

    So while this ignoramous was flying to Hawaii for bogus “birther investigations” doing his “immigration sweeps” with tanks and washed up movie stars in tow…and school posse’s….you think he’s just wonderful!There aren’t disgruntled activists going after him, just normal taxpayers that are sick and tired of their hard earned money being wasted on a egotistical, bloviating, xenophobic,nativist gone nuts. Get a clue! Tell us again how wonderful this incompetent fool is….

  5. The article quotes this guy as saying “the most corrupt sheriff in America”. Boy, I guess it depends on what your definition of “corrupt” is. I say this is a witch hunt from disgruntled activists who don’t like the fact that sheriff Joe is doing his duty to enforce the laws of the state.