Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio’s questionable posse to do a school-shooting simulation this weekend – supervised by actor Steven Seagal


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What could possibly go wrong? As reported earlier this year, Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio endangers your children:

Phoenix CBS affiliate KPHO (CBS 5) decided to investigate who these
volunteer posse members are. After a six month investigation it
discovered that some of Arpaio's posse members have criminal records. Criminal pasts don't disqualify members of Arpaio posse.

Now comes this, Joe Arpaio's Posse Doing a School-Shooting Simulation, and Steven Seagal's Supervising. No, seriously:

Folks, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's school-patrol posse is so serious about school safety that posse members will be setting up a school-shooting simulation this weekend as a test.

Have we mentioned yet that actor Steven Seagal will be supervising the festivities?

"On Saturday, February 9, 2013, qualified armed volunteers from Maricopa
County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's posse will undergo their first ever
training event which simulates an actual school shooting," an Arpaio
press release says. "Sheriff Arpaio, who ordered the training, says six
instructors will lead 40 armed posse volunteers through four different
scenarios where a shooter or shooters come onto a school campus with the
intent to kill."

The NRA-blessed posse will be holding this
drill in Fountain Hills — the actual school isn't disclosed — and 25
kids between the ages of 14 and 18 have apparently volunteered to be

"Instructors from the Sheriff's Office SWAT division as
well as certified instructor/actor/posse volunteer Steven Segal will
lead the all-day training exercises on various aspects on shooting scene
management including room entry tactics and hand to hand tactics,"
Arpaio's press release says.

The Arizona Republic's E.J. Montini gets it exactly right: "It’s about publicity, as it always is when Arpaio is involved." Sheriff, Seagal turn school safety into photo op:

Steven Seagal?


The over-the-hill action star has been filming a reality series with
the help of Arpaio. Now the sheriff will put their collaboration on
display for the local media at a time when the sheriff is worried about a
recall effort launched against him. He’s in desperate need of some
positive press.

Like I said, training is good.

Protecting schools is VERY good.

But training in public? On film? Where anyone can watch?

Would officials who were genuinely interested in doing everything
they can to protect our schools want potential bad guys to be able to
watch videotaped elements of their training exercises and tactics?

"Oh shit! We never thought of that!" No, of course you didn't.

If you have had enough of Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio's antics, there is the Joe Arpaio Recall: Here's How to Sign the Petition:

Respect Arizona filled us in on a few ways to signing the petition, as
the committee is attempting to gather more than 300,000 valid signatures
to trigger the recall election.

One method is to do it all on your own, which is detailed on the website.

has to be printed out on specific paper, and double-sided, and has to
be notarized once you — and anyone else — signs it. As detailed on the
website, you can mail the petition to Respect Arizona, or they'll pick
it up from you.

One of the volunteers tells New Times today that you can pick up a petition from them, or they'll deliver one to you, if needed.

also starting to go out to public spaces, like libraries, college
campuses, and public events, so people can gather signatures that way.

We're told that when those get organized, the locations will be posted weekly on the Respect Arizona Facebook page, so you can find out how to run into them.

Just in case you need it, a copy of the petition can be found below:



  1. Bess: I have no idea why this blog program does some of the things it does. Those questions need to be addressed to the owner and editor in chief, Michael Bryan, who understands this stuff better than I do.

    You are correct in your clarification: you must be a resident voter of Maricopa County to sign the petition. Anyone can send money and fundraisers for this effort are encouraged.