Daniel Hernandez is claiming that Kirsten Engel “sided with far-right Republicans” against voting rights on his webpage and in a new online ad campaign.

Hernandez’ site claims:


“Kirsten Engel sided with far-right Republicans against Democratic values, including to pass unnecessary restrictions on polling places like those that Donald Trump used to spread conspiracy theories about voter fraud in the 2020 election and is now fueling attacks on Arizonans’ right to vote.”

The allegation is a stretch at best, but more accurately it is just a misleading lie.

The basis of this misleading claim is Engel’s vote during third read on the February 2020 bill HB2827. a bill that never actually passed. The substance of the bill had nothing to do with the 2020 election lies that began more than 8 months later that year. The bill required a hand recount of ballots if the number of cast votes exceeded the number of registered voters in a precinct. Finally, Engel wasn’t the only Democratic vote for the bill: she was joined by former Representative and Gubernatorial candidate Aaron Lieberman.

Hernandez is clearly trying to cleverly imply that Engel is a supporter of the election lies and attacks on voting rights we’ve seen from the AZGOP subsequent to the 2020 election, but Engel’s vote PRECEEDED the 2020 election and had nothing to do with any ‘restrictions on polling places’ nor stopping anyone from voting, nor any of the lies and conspiracies of Trump and the AZGOP.

Does anyone else smell the stench of desperation coming from the Hernandez campaign heading into primary day?