It’s about time that somebody put this ignoramus (and insurrection Coup Plotter) in his place for his blatant stupidity and overt racism.

The Independent reports Parkland survivor David Hogg thrown out of House gun control meeting for impassioned interruption:


Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg was thrown out of a House Judiciary Committee meeting about gun control on Wednesday after he confronted a GOP lawmaker about “reiterating the points of mass shooters.”

Mr. Hogg, a prominent gun safety advocate, was in the gallery of the meeting as Republican Rep Andy Biggs claimed that residents in his state of Arizona need assault weapons to defend themselves against the “invasion” of immigrants.

The vast majority of whom are women and children – and unarmed. So is Biggs proposing that Arizonans on the border slaughter unarmed civilians, women and children seeking asylum? It sure sounds like he is. This White Nationalist is dehumanizing immigrants so he can rationalize murdering them. Just like the Nazis did.

“The reality is it is an invasion of our southern border,” he said.

The lawmaker argued that – if a ban of assault weapons comes into force – people who live within 10 miles of the US’s southern border with Mexico must be exempt because they need “to protect themselves” from people who he claims “pose a danger or threat.”

As he made his comments, Mr Hogg rose to his feet and passionately interrupted proceedings telling him that his claims echoed comments made by several mass killers.

“You’re reiterating the points of mass shooters in your manifesto!” he shouted.

“The shooter in my high school: antiSemitic, anti-Black and racist. The shooter in El Paso described it as an invasion.”

Mr. Hogg continued by telling Rep. Biggs that the guns used in those attacks didn’t come from Mexico – but from within the US’s own borders.

“Guess what? Those guns are coming from the United States of America. They aren’t coming from Mexico. They are not coming from Mexico,” he shouted.

See Stopping toxic flow of guns from U.S. to Mexico:

Every year, half a million weapons enter Mexico illegally from the U.S., and many of them are military-style weapons that end up in the hands of drug cartels and other violent criminals, said Alejandro Celorio Alcántara, legal adviser of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“In addition to prosecuting criminals and seizing guns that are illegally in Mexico, we decided to go to the source of the problem. Like if this were a toxic river, in addition to cleaning the river, we need to go to the source and stop the toxic waste from being dumped at the river,” said Celorio Alcántara, referring to the landmark lawsuit the Mexican government filed against 10 U.S. gun manufacturers in U.S. federal court last summer. It is the first time that a foreign government has sued American gunmakers.

“You are reiterating the points of a mass shooter, sir, sir, you are perpetuating violence… Stop these things now!”

Lawmakers tried to quiet Mr. Hogg, with the chairman banging the gavel multiple times.

Others in the gallery were heard supporting the gun control activist, with one person heard shouting “go David!”

In the end, a security officer took Mr. Hogg by the arm and removed him from the room.

Mr. Hogg posted a video of the incident on his Twitter, writing: “The guns in Parkland, Buffalo, El Paso, didn’t come from Mexico. They came from the US, and the shooters were inspired by racist, anti-black, anti-immigrant manifestos that rhyme with GOP talking points.”

The House Judiciary Committee meeting was held to discuss the Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act – a bill that would ban semi-automatic weapons.

The bill, put forward by Rep David Cicilline and Senator Dianne Feinstein, would not include those who already own such firearms but would ban the sale, import, manufacture and transfer of them going forwards.

Note: The National Shooting Sports Foundation has estimated that approximately 5 million to 10 million AR-15 style rifles exist in the U.S. within the broader total of the 300 million firearms owned by Americans.

The bill was originally proposed last year but didn’t have enough votes to make it to the Senate.

Following a string of mass shootings that have torn apart dozens of families across the country in recent months, lawmakers are hoping the bill will now gain enough support.

The firearms used in the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde, Highland Park – as well as the massacres at Parkland and El Paso – were all legally purchased in the US.

In other words, these mass shooting atrocities were committed by lawful gun owners under our weak laws.

Several of the mass killers who carried out the attacks openly harboured racist beliefs which they said inspired them to carry out the massacres.

In Buffalo, a self-proclaimed white supremacist shot and killed 10 Black people based on a belief in the debunked “great replacement theory pushed by right-wing commentators including Tucker Carlson.

In 2019, a Wal-Mart in El Paso was the target of a mass shooter who detailed in a racist manifesto that the attack was a “response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

Mr. Hogg’s impassioned confrontation over the GOP lawmaker’s comments came at the same time that the man who murdered 17 of his fellow students and school staff members appeared in court over in Florida.

On 14 February 2018, former student Nikolas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and shot dead 17 innocent victims in one of the deadliest school shootings in American history.

Another 17 victims were shot but survived the massacre.

Following the attack it emerged that Cruz harboured racist beliefs and displayed a fascination with Nazism and the KKK, carving out swastikas on the firearm he used to murder his victims.

Last year, Cruz pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murders and 17 counts of attempted murder.

Now, a jury will decide if he spends the rest of his life in prison or is sentenced to death for his crimes.

UPDATE: Jurors see graphic video of Parkland school shooting as gunman’s death penalty trial continues:

Jurors who will determine whether Nikolas Cruz receives the death penalty for murdering 17 people at his Parkland, Florida, high school were shown graphic video footage of the massacre in court on Tuesday.

The final stage of the gunman’s sentencing trial, in which jurors will decide if the 23-year-old should face a death sentence or life in prison without parole, began this week after he pleaded guilty last October to 17 counts of murder and 17 counts of attempted murder for the killings of 14 students and three staff members inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.

Video taken from security cameras that recorded parts of the Parkland shooting showed the defendant stalking a three-story building and shooting victims multiple times, attorneys said Tuesday. The video was not shown to the gallery, where parents of many of the victims sat.

Prosecutors said the video showed the defendant shooting many of his victims at point-blank range, adding that in some instances, the shooter returned to a wounded person and killed them with a second volley of shots.

The 12 jurors and 10 alternates stared intently at their video screens. Many held hands to their faces as they viewed the 15-minute recording, which has no sound.

Surveillance footage captured Nikolas Cruz casually going to Subway just minutes after he shot and killed 14 students and three staff members inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Parkland shooting – live: Nikolas Cruz trial shown chilling video of killer at McDonald’s after massacre:

In the video, Cruz is seen casually strolling into the store and up to the counter, where he buys a cherry and blue ice drink.

He then calmly walks out of the fast food joint with the drink.

Cruz fled the scene of the mass shooting moments earlier, by hiding in plain sight among terrified students and staff evacauating the school. From there, he walked to the nearby Subway.

Here’s an idea: The House Judiciary Committee – Hell, the entire Congress in a joint session – should be forced to view the crime scene photos and videos from every mass school shooting since the year 2000. Force members of Congress to see what these weapons of war actually do to a human body. Then hold a vote on banning assault weapons.

And also vote to repeal The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) (2005) that protects firearms manufacturers and dealers from being held liable when crimes have been committed with their products.

Congress needs to deal with these irresponsible merchants of death. Sig Sauer about to unleash pure terror upon American streets (excerpt):

This is just beyond insane. The psychopaths who run the gun manufacturer Sig Sauer are about to release the MCX-SPEAR, which is the civilian version of the US Army’s new NGSW-R (Next Generation Squad Weapon-Rifle) onto American streets, as if the AR-15 wasn’t bad enough.

“This is a weapon that could defeat any body armor, any planned body armor that we know of in the future,” then-Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told the Army Times in 2019. “This is a weapon that can go out at ranges that are unknown today.”

“It’ll shoot through almost all of the bulletproof vests that are worn by law enforcement in the country right now,” said Ryan Busse, a former firearms company executive who is now a senior policy analyst with the Giffords Law Center and author of Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalized America.

Just in case you didn’t think gun violence in America could get any worse. Sig Sauer couldn’t wait to make civilian versions of this next-generation infantry battle rifle and get them out onto America’s streets in order to maximize the carnage. Sig Sauer’s ENTIRE advertising campaign revolves around putting military weapons into civilian hands.

The site quoted SIG Sauer President & CEO Ron Cohen saying the civilian weapon was a “near match” to what would become the military’s new standard infantry weapon.

“This is a rare opportunity for passionate consumers to own a piece of history,” Cohen said. “This first production run MCX-SPEAR, and all of the revolutionary technology behind its development, is being offered to the commercial market in a configuration that is a near match to our NGSW-R submission.”

One of the “elite” dealers estimated this week that SIG Sauer had sent out between 2,500 and 5,000 of the weapons—and that they were an instant hit despite the price.

“What’s out there is already bought out,” he reported.

Let’s just call this what it is: “Cop Killer.” This weapon will defeat every police force and even the military. It is a weapon of war, a weapon of mass destruction, which has no conceivable civilian use. It is designed to kill enemy combatants in a war. No civilian should ever be allowed to own this weapon.

Congress can put in its defense appropriations bills a provision which clearly states that “weapons manufactured for use by the U.S. Armed Forces cannot be manufactured or sold for civilian use.” Why is this not being done?

Then there is Daniel Defense, a gun manufacturer which caters it product ads to young, impressionable consumers, particularly fans of shoot-’em-up video games such as “Call of Duty.”

One of their products, a semi-automatic assault rifle, was used in the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. An 18-year-old man killed 21 students and teachers in the attack.

A spot released in mid-May showed a young boy examining a Daniel Defense rifle while an adult offers instruction, along with a caption that reads, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” The words are from the Bible.

Finally WEE1 Tactical is manufacturing the JR-15, or Junior 15, designed to be “smaller, safer, lighter” than a regular AR-15, a child-oriented weapon that is roughly 20% smaller than a full-sized AR-15, but the manufacturer claims it “operates just like Mom and Dad’s gun,” according to the press release. An Illinois gunmaker is under fire for launching a ‘JR-15’ rifle aimed specifically at kids.

The .22-caliber long rifle was unveiled last month at the 2022 SHOT show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shooting and hunting event was sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), a trade association for the firearms industry, according to British publication The Independent.

The merchants of death are directly marketing weapons of war to young school-age children now. How in God’s name does Congress permit this?

Jesus Christ, Congress forced Camel cigarrettes to cease the Joe Camel ads aimed at getting children to smoke cigarettes, they sure as hell should put an end to this madness.