DCCC Ad ‘Chicken’ – demand the House votes on a clean CR


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

From the DCCC:

Public statements from 22 House Republicans and a letter signed by 195
House Democrats make it crystal clear—there are the votes in the House
to pass a clean continuing resolution to reopen the government and fund
it at levels Republicans have demanded. Yet Speaker Boehner refuses to
call a vote, leading us to one of two conclusions—either he can't count,
or he's just chicken. The DCCC released a video wondering, what is John
Boehner scared of?

"Everyone else knows what Speaker Boehner
continues to deny—that the votes are there in the House to pass a clean
CR—yet he refuses to bring it up for a vote. Is John Boehner too
chicken, and too afraid of losing his gavel to the Tea Party, to allow
the House to vote and allow the government to reopen?"

Video below the fold.

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