Questions for Martha McSally: What is your position on the House GOP student loan bill?


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

When last we heard from Martha McSally back in April, she was traipsing around the country speaking in front of GOP donor groups doing her due diligence for another run for office. The Arizona Republic's Dan Nowicki and Rebekah Sanders reported, McSally says she’s being recruited for Ariz. governor, senate runs | Insiders:

Martha McSally, the
up-and-comer candidate and retired Air Force pilot who nearly beat U.S.
Rep. Ron Barber for his southern Arizona seat last November, says
that she is being recruited not only to challenge him again for
Congress in 2014, but also to run for Arizona governor in 2014 or even
for U.S. Sen. John McCain’s seat if he retires in 2016

McSally, a Republican, made the remarks
last Thursday to a Rhode Island GOP group, according to a recently
posted video found Tuesday by The Arizona Republic. The video appears to have been posted by a member of the group.

I am being strongly recruited to run for a variety of different positions.
It’s amazing once you get that national attention, what happens,” she
said in response to a question from the audience. “People have recruited
me to try and run for governor of Arizona or Senate when Sen. McCain
steps down, and these are all very wonderful thoughts and I appreciate

“I am very seriously considering running
again for Congress,” McSally said, noting she would make her decision in
about six months.

Well, that she did. While she hasn't made any formal announcement, Martha McSally filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission for a 2014 congressional campaign on Monday, July 1.

So it's only fair that we begin this new series, "Questions for Martha McSally," by posing questions to the McSally campaign about her positions on current hot topics — I am not going to give her a free pass until after the primary election is over like our local media did in 2012. So let's start with the student loan bill debate in Congress this week.

Does Martha McSally support the House GOP bill passed in May that would set interest rates according to the market, up to 8.5 percent? Or does she oppose the House GOP bill, and stand by her position in 2012:

In 2012, McSally recommended ending the federal
student loan program: “As a conservative, the federal government needs
to be doing less legislation, not more legislation, when it comes to
these local issues. So I would propose no legislation in order to
address these rising costs. But we would stop having federal loans that are piling up that then raise the cost of tuition, surprisingly." [Vail High School Debate, Part 3, Question asked 1:00, McSally responded 2:44, uploaded 4/05/12]

Voters in Congressional District 2 have the right to know your positions on current hot topics, Ms. McSally. Feel free to answer this inquiry by posting a comment. More questions to follow.


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