This country owes a debt of ingratitude to James Comey, Jill Stein supporters, and all the voters who stayed home either because they thought Hillary Clinton was going to win or because they did not see a reason to vote.

Their actions/inactions made it possible for the combined version of Karl Lueger (Mayor of Vienna at the turn of the last century who inspired Hitler by using Anti Semitism to get votes while privately having Jewish friends and supporters)  Benito Mussolini, Father Coughlin, George Wallace, Patrick Buchanan, and David Duke to put together an Electoral College victory in 2016.


Because of their actions/inactions, we have a person in the White House who was endorsed by the Ki Klux Klan who, since taking offices, continually makes racially charged comments and false statements about events and people.

Earlier this month, he launched a racially charged attack against the four women who make up the Squad, falsely claiming they hated America and that they should go back to the country they came from.

That three of these women were born in the United States and all four of them are American citizens seems to have escaped the minds of the Liar in Chief and many of his supporters.

This week, prompted by an inaccurate Fox News Segment on conditions in Baltimore, Individual One launched his latest racially charged attack on the House Chairperson of the House Oversight Committee Elijah Cummings, claiming, through tweets of course, that the city is in shambles and Cummings and his allies are responsible for the decay while pocketing millions of dollars for themselves.

Mr. Cummings, incidentally, is presiding over a committee looking into the actions of Mr. Trump and his children.

That what the 2016 Popular Vote Loser tweeted or said to a group of reporters today on the White House lawn has no basis, in reality, does not, as usual for his lot, seem to matter.

Apparently, this is a strategy by the KKK endorsed candidate to motivate his fringe racist and, yes, deplorable in most cases, base to turn out in greater numbers in 2020.

Dear Mr. Trump:

How does Racially Dividing the Country Make America Great Again?

You are the President of the United States. You are supposed to unite the people, not divide them.

How is this “strategy”  good for the Country?

2020 Democratic Arizona Congressional Candidates also find the Presidents attacks on Cummings and others disgusting and repulsive.

2020 Democratic Congressional Five Candidate Joan Greene 

2020 Democratic Congressional District Five Candidate Joan Greene

“Trump’s racist attacks on Elijah Cummings is also an attack from every GOP who did not defend their colleague.

Trump only targets black and brown-skinned people for his continuous barrage of racism and hate. The deterioration of our country’s moral fabric is allowed to rip along the seams because of the elected GOP.

In Arizona, we have four elected GOP Congresspeople and a Senator who are part of the problem. Their white nationalism and devotion to Putin are beyond the pale and unpatriotic.

Trump’s and the GOP antics are just another distraction from their broken promises, the skyrocketing deficit and debt they caused, the economy they tanked for farmers and manufacturing and their lack of desire or ability to move our Country forward.

Trump and the GOP are plunging our Country into civil unrest, economic insecurity and threats to our national security because they and their special interest groups financially reap the benefits.

Let us not be distracted by their “squirrel moments”. We see them for who they are and while they continue to spin, I will continue to be the interim Congresswoman for AZ-05 and focus on the important kitchen table issues; health care, protecting and expanding social security, true economic results that benefit our families, to name just a few topics.

Together we will bring honor and trust back to the people in 2020.”

2020 Democratic Congressional Candidate Anita Malik

2020 Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Anita Malik

“When someone attacks you for checking their abuses of power, you’re doing something right. Thank you, Representative Cummings, for your dedicated service to our country and your community.”

” A real President doesn’t attack. He should fight for every American, city, district … for all of us.”

2020 Democratic Congressional Candidate Michael Muscato

2020 Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato

One of the things we expect from our leaders is for them to accept the fact that people will disagree with them and respect those who do because they may have points. We expect them to work with members of an opposing party because they do represent thousands of voters and the Constitution says they have a right to have their opinions and bills considered. We expect them to be held accountable for their actions and take responsibility when those actions are hurtful, unlawful or discriminatory. Sadly, our president does not appear to have either the interest or temperament to meet any of these basic expectations.

Over the last two weeks, the leader of our country sat behind the protection of his mobile phone and personally targeted members of our United States government and the citizens of a proud major American city and its suburbs. When called out on it, he didn’t have the humanity to accept that his words are racist, hurtful and discriminatory, because he thinks that shows he’s weak. Would the president have had the courage to say those words while standing in Baltimore? Does anyone think he could say it to their face? We all know the answer.

Our country, the Constitution and our standing in the world are being surgically and meticulously weakened every time we allow his rhetoric to go unchallenged and without accountability. He has no ability to stop himself from making outrageous statements and his supporters have no capacity or desire to make him stop. It is time we came together as a people and stood up for our fellow citizens, whether we agree with or like them or not. It’s time we treated the president for what he is: a bully.

Democrats must stop enabling and start throwing punches. Calling the man a racist isn’t enough because like it or not, our country has a lot of racists in it; they eat that up. They must stop buying into the new “political correctness,” (PC) definition of accepting the president’s statements as “the way it is” and allow them to go unchallenged. It’s not a fight if you don’t throw a punch and some things are worth fighting for, including everyone’s hometowns, whether they’re perfect or not.”

All three candidates express the thoughts most people feel.

Representative Cummings should be saluted for his service, not ridiculed.

The President of the United States is supposed to be the moral uniting beacon of the country, not the nation’s divisive bully.

The country needs to move inclusively forward, not exclusively backward.

The majority of the people still do not feel Mr. Trump is a role model as a leader and their numbers are growing.

A recent piece by the Associated Press shows that a growing number of suburban women are sickened by the Popular Vote Loser’s “abrasive rhetoric.”

Hopefully, when Election Day 2020 comes, the only ones that will still find Mr. Trump agreeable are the fringe racist deplorable elements he caters to on a daily basis.

Then the KKK endorsed candidate and his enabling sycophantic allies will fall to electoral defeat and a new dawn will rise in the United States where the new leaders will move this nation forward in the right direction.

Featured Cartoon from Jeff Darcy