CROSS POSTED from the Arizona Eagletarian.
In a comment to another news story about Huppenthal and his private school marketing scheme, Diana Murray, a Paradise Valley School District parent, says that just this evening, she received the robocall from the Arizona Superintendent of PUBLIC Schools directing her to the Goldwater Institute's website for more information about taxpayer funding for private schools.
Additionally, the legislature is currently poised to expand the availability of taxpayer funds for private schools, with SB1236 and HB2291. In his video interview with Brahm Resnik last week (at the 7 minute mark of the 13 minute interview), Huppenthal acknowledged that if those bills are enacted, 50 to 65 percent of Arizona students would be eligible for taxpayer money to send them to private (NOT charter, but PRIVATE) schools.
Therefore, if you think this is the right thing to do, I have this message for you, John.
Dear John,
As you have recently reminded us, your record is that of a "true believer" in "school choice," we know that.
Since you believe so deeply that what you've done is appropriate and in the best interests of your constituents, should you not then have the courage of your convictions and continue the calls?
Why not record MORE calls for families to send their children to taxpayer funded — unaccountable to the taxpayers — private schools? 
Dude, don’t hide from it. Wear it boldly EMBLAZONED on your chest
And make sure to Do.It.All.The.Way.Up.To.Election.Day.
Pretty Please. With sugar on top!
Yours Truly,
Steve Muratore
Arizona Eagletarian