Debate 2: What Clinton Slipped in While Trump Was Being Trump

Despite what the gasbags had to say about Trump’s improvement over his first debate performance, he was pretty terrible last night.

And he’ll continue to implode.

And the Clinton campaign likely has at least one or two more doozies from Trump’s past it will let fly. My guess is one about Trump acting out his “locker room banter” (why has nobody made the point that 60 year-olds don’t engage in locker room banter?). I’d say the timing will be after the news cycle has fully digested Trump’s worst moments from last night, and sufficiently in advance of next Tuesday’s debate to allow Trump time to react in the worst way possible.

Finally, the Democratic establishment scolds can relax. Neither Stein nor Johnson will cost Hillary the election. Yes, the BlueMeanie will reward readers with a few more three thousand word warnings about “wasting their votes,” but even Steve, Liza and For Sure Not Tom will be saying to themselves “blah, blah, blah.”

Hopefully, that allows us to focus a bit on what Hillary has in store for us come January. Here are the tidbits I caught last night.

First and foremost, on foreign policy it will be “Russia, Russia, Russia.” Heck, maybe there’s another missile crisis in our future. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Second, there will be a no fly zone in Syria, but we should not be concerned about American troops engaging in a ground war. Special operations forces, yes. Military advisors, yes. But no troops.

Third, natural gas will be our energy bridge to the future. That was in response to a question about the future for jobs in the fossil fuel industry. Those jobs will largely be safe, Hillary assured us. That move to solar and wind is still off in the future sometime. We first need to cross the natural gas bridge. Don’t worry, it will only be a few degrees hotter on the other side.

Stay tuned. I’m guessing we may get a few more glimpses in the third debate.

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  1. Emails: Clinton State Dept. Prioritized “Friends of Bill” in 2010 Haiti Earthquake Contracts

    OCTOBER 12, 2016

    The Haitian government, local organizers and international aid organizations are continuing to provide emergency assistance in the wake of the devastating Category 4 Hurricane Matthew, which has killed more than 1,000 people, with the death toll expected to continue rising. The Haitian Health Ministry says at least 320 fatal cases of cholera have been reported since the storm. The World Health Organization says it’s sending a million doses of cholera vaccines to Haiti. The United States has announced it’s suspending deportations to Haiti in the wake of the hurricane. This comes as newly released emails show a top aide to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave priority after the 2010 Haiti earthquake to aid contractors marked “FOB”—that’s “Friends of Bill Clinton”—or “WJC VIPs”—that’s “William Jefferson Clinton VIPs.” One email from senior State Department official Caitlin Klevorick, who was coordinating incoming assistance offers being forwarded from the Clinton Foundation, read: “Need you to flag when people are friends of WJC. Most I can probably ID but not all.”

    • Donnie’s such an alpha dog!

      “How about we take this out behind the bar, pal. Because I’m going to give you a Twitter beat down you won’t forget, and I get better reception outside”.

      He’s just the kind of man’s man this country needs!

  2. Hillary Clinton Touted Her Record of Spreading Fracking in Secret, Paid Speeches
    Lee Fang
    Oct. 10 2016, 2:24 p.m.

    BEHIND CLOSED DOORS on the paid speaking circuit, Hillary Clinton was far more candid than she has been in public about her prominent role as Secretary of State in exporting American-style hydraulic fracturing — the controversial, environmentally damaging technique best known as fracking — to countries all over the world.

    “I’ve promoted fracking in other places around the world,” she declared during a 2013 paid talk to Deutsche Bank, adding that she launched a new wing of the State Department devoted to the initiative.

    During a paid speech in Canada the following year, Clinton touted her role in “accelerating” natural gas development in Europe, calling attention to Poland’s embrace of fracking as a positive step.

    The contrast with the rhetoric Clinton has used on the campaign trail is striking. Clinton has rarely spoken in public of her role selling fracking abroad, and at times positioned herself as a skeptic of the controversial drilling technique. In the lead-up to the New York Democratic primary, Clinton’s campaign released a television advertisement that gave the impression that she has worked to discourage fracking.

    The remarks were quoted in an attachment to one of the hacked emails belonging to campaign chairman John Podesta that were posted by WikiLeaks on Friday. Two days after we asked Clinton in Manchester, N.H., in January to release her Goldman Sachs transcripts, Clinton campaign deputy research director Carter Hutchinson reviewed all her paid speech transcripts in an 80-page report highlighting potential political fallout. It was sent to Podesta and other top campaign aides by Tony Carrk, Clinton’s research director. Carrk did not respond to a request for comment.

    Earlier this year, we obtained emails from Clinton aides discussing plans to make Poland a “laboratory for testing whether U.S. success in developing shale gas can be repeated in a different country.” The emails also revealed efforts to partner with energy companies such as Chevron and Marathon Oil.

    Starting early in her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton traveled the globe encouraging foreign countries to adopt fracking technology. Clinton has both publicly and privately explained that she views fracking, under the right circumstances, as the most environmentally sound method of transitioning away from other fossil fuels such as oil and coal. She has also said that fracking can make the U.S. and other nations energy independent, a foreign policy goal that may weaken gas exporting countries such as Russia.

  3. As you say, Bob, given the way the Clintons operate, you know they have more on Trump that they are waiting to release closer to the election. That is a mainstay of the Clinton political machine: keep tabs on people so you can use it against them later if they don’t do what you want.

    When you mentioned “another missile crisis” it gave me a small shiver. I remember the last one very weel. My Father was a career Marine Officer and he and his unit went on the highest level of alert in preparation for a war. The news kept talking about a pending nuclear war and in school we started doing all those stupid things we were supposed to do in order to survive a nuclear attack. It was scary! It seems silly in hindsight, but it was REAL at the time.

    When you mentioned the use of Special Operation Forces I had to agree with you. Unfortunately. Politicians, and sadly, even some top military brass, don’t really know how to use them effectively. Even though I haven’t served in Spec Ops for a generation, the capabilities and limitations of the concept still remains pretty much the same and they will be misused badly by Hillary and her cronies whose ideas of what Spec Ops can do comes from TV and the movies.

    Sadly, Trump would probably screw up even worse. What a pathetic election!

    • Steve, you’re way off in your first paragraph. It’s called opposition research, and every well run campaign does it. Trump’s Republican primary opponents should be ashamed of themselves for not having uncovered the stuff we’re seeing for the first time now. There’s nothing sinister about what Clinton is doing on this front. And, by the way, when it’s the highest office in the country, we should know everything that’s knowable.

      • You are far more impartial and fair towards the Clintons than I am, Bob. It is opposition research, and it is something that everyone does, but I see it in more sinister terms because it is the Clintons. I see virtually everything they do as part of something larger and more evil because I see the Clintons that way.

        In any event, thank you for reminding me of my gut bias against the Clintons.

  4. Sometimes when I listen to Hillary Clinton talk about domestic issues (in broad terms, of course), I start to think that she really believes she can re-invent herself. That she might actually make a modest effort to push for some of the things on the progressive agenda. Then there’s this:

    WikiLeaks Reveals Parts of Hillary Clinton’s Speeches to Wall Street

    In other campaign news, WikiLeaks has released excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s paid remarks to Wall Street firms, showing the Democratic presidential nominee’s closed-door remarks were starkly at odds with many of her public positions. The speeches became a major flashpoint in the Democratic primaries after Clinton’s opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, challenged Clinton to reveal transcripts of her speeches, for which she was paid more than $22 million. The excerpts came in hacked emails of campaign chair John Podesta. In one speech to a housing trade group in 2013, Clinton spoke of “unsavory” political maneuvering and needing “both a public and a private position” when crafting laws. In an exchange with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein in 2013, Clinton complained about ethics rules requiring politicians to sell off certain assets when taking office. In other speeches, Clinton largely absolved Wall Street firms for the crash of 2008 and said financial reform “really has to come from the industry itself.”

    • However, when it comes to foreign policy, Hillary can absolutely not fool anyone including herself. As a former SoS with insider knowledge, she can speak about world events far better than Trump. It isn’t even close. But she just can’t help herself from revealing her hawkish leanings regarding the use of military force. Too bad they didn’t ask her about Israel.

    • The sad thing about the WikiLeaks reveal is that it just confirms what we already knew.

      She’s not as scary as Trump but she’s still Hillary Wall Street Kissinger.

      • Yep, no corporation will be left behind.

        But there was never supposed to be a Bernie Sanders and Hillary was never supposed to have to “move left.” The Democratic establishment intended to march Hillary straight to her coronation. I guess that the Democratic voters who were serious about a progressive agenda can hope that Hillary is the one leopard who can change it’s spots or they can deal with reality. Quite frankly, I really do not expect reform within the party until the Clintons are gone.

        • Good point. Imagine what a different candidate Clinton would be now if not for Sanders. She’d be pro-TPP and pro-Keystone for starters.

          Will the Clintons be “gone” when HRC leaves the Whitehouse? I’m not sure. I think they’re to the Dem party what the Koch brothers are to the Republican party. The only difference is that they control the money through indirect means, whereas the Koch brothers control it directly. Same end result, though.

          • Well, even the Clintons can’t live forever, Bob. And I do believe they will either have to succumb to death like everyone else or become physically impaired enough that they are forced to stay home and mind their own business.

            Right now, they’re back. But who knows what will happen?

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