Despite what the gasbags had to say about Trump’s improvement over his first debate performance, he was pretty terrible last night.

And he’ll continue to implode.


And the Clinton campaign likely has at least one or two more doozies from Trump’s past it will let fly. My guess is one about Trump acting out his “locker room banter” (why has nobody made the point that 60 year-olds don’t engage in locker room banter?). I’d say the timing will be after the news cycle has fully digested Trump’s worst moments from last night, and sufficiently in advance of next Tuesday’s debate to allow Trump time to react in the worst way possible.

Finally, the Democratic establishment scolds can relax. Neither Stein nor Johnson will cost Hillary the election. Yes, the BlueMeanie will reward readers with a few more three thousand word warnings about “wasting their votes,” but even Steve, Liza and For Sure Not Tom will be saying to themselves “blah, blah, blah.”

Hopefully, that allows us to focus a bit on what Hillary has in store for us come January. Here are the tidbits I caught last night.

First and foremost, on foreign policy it will be “Russia, Russia, Russia.” Heck, maybe there’s another missile crisis in our future. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Second, there will be a no fly zone in Syria, but we should not be concerned about American troops engaging in a ground war. Special operations forces, yes. Military advisors, yes. But no troops.

Third, natural gas will be our energy bridge to the future. That was in response to a question about the future for jobs in the fossil fuel industry. Those jobs will largely be safe, Hillary assured us. That move to solar and wind is still off in the future sometime. We first need to cross the natural gas bridge. Don’t worry, it will only be a few degrees hotter on the other side.

Stay tuned. I’m guessing we may get a few more glimpses in the third debate.