Deconstructing another AZ Republican education talking point

by David Safier
Yesterday I began my journey through the Page O' Facts put together by Senate Republican Staff Policy Advisor Javan Mesnard to combat the assertion that Arizona is 49th in education funding. His method: throw out so many meaningless facts and figures that you'll forget about the pitiful state of our K-12 education budget.

If you remember, Mesnard said we're 26th in the nation in "Funding per classroom of students." It sounds good, until you logic it out. Arizona has the highest pupil-teacher ration of any state except Utah. The more students you have in a classroom, the more funding in that classroom. Mesnard is actually saying our large class sizes are a good thing.

Today's fact from Mesnard is: Arizona is 4th in the "% increase in expenditures over 20 years (in inflation-adjusted numbers)."

It's not important, just funny, that he threw in the term "inflation-adjusted numbers" to add credibility to this statistic. If you're comparing the increase across the years from state to state, the ratings won't change whether or not you adjust for inflation, because everyone is going through the same basic rate of inflation. He just threw it in because he liked the way it sounded.

So, to the important stuff. Why is Arizona's percent increase in education expenditures higher than all but three other states? It's because we've been growing like mad. Arizona's population has increased at a far more rapid rate than most other states. I don't have figures going back twenty years, but from 1996 to 2006, Arizona was second only to Nevada in its percent increase in population.

Here's the simple mathematical formula Mesnard uses: Total number of students times Amount spent per student equals Total educational expenditures.

So, if we have a high percent increase in the total number of students, we'll have a high percent increase in our total expenditures.

Translation: Mesnard's "fact" is true, but it couldn't be less relevant. The amount we spend per student is the figure that matters, not the total amount we spend, and everyone but Mesnard and the Goldwater Institute agrees, we're 49th in the nation in our per student spending.

Thanks again to Lisa Hawkins and MaryLee Moulton of LEAN for doing the research that makes Mesnard's canards so easy to deconstruct.

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  1. Learning how to skewer lying statistics masquerading as reasoning – I am loving it.

  2. David Safier

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  3. Did you ever factor in the fact Raytheon students(Air Force plant#44 contributes direct payments to the schools for teaching the kids of there employees) in light that Obama is going to cut the F-22 Fighter which has all the systems and arms on board made by Raytheon in Tucson!

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    He went to France saying we don’t care about the French?

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    It is embarrasing for a so called college professor like Obama who taught our kids LIES ; and we paid this guy tuition in the tens of thousands of dollars; for what??!!

  4. Here is a fact. You can’t spend percents…only dollars. Since 1986, only one state has increased their per pupil expenditure less than Arizona and tha is Alaska. But, Alaska funded their pupils at over $11,000 per in 1986 so they, coming at slightly above that now, will get a pass. AZ on the other hand went from like $5,000 to $6,000. I received this information when I was at the House for an education funding 101 session. Incidentally, John Kavanaugh asked many questions that revealed his lack of knowledge.