Some Hitler Youth  punk from Turning Point USA is promoting the Big Lie and complaining about how long it is taking to count the votes, and asserting the longer that it takes to count the votes is what actually causes voters to lose faith in the electoral process.

I’m with Jim Small on the little fascist’s freakout over the time it takes to count votes. I have worked elections for over forty years, this is exactly how it works. It takes time to verify early ballots dropped late and to count the votes. Maybe if these WATB‘s ever did their civic duty and actually worked an election at some point in their life they would understand this.

On Small’s point, hand counting ballots would take many weeks and introduces human error – and possibly malicious election subversion – into the hand counting process. The Cyber Ninja’s hand count “fraudit” of just Maricopa County ballots took months, and produced results so flawed that it was dismissed as a joke.

“Krazy Kari” Lake pulled a Donald Trump and declared victory before all the votes have been counted. At least she did not demand to stop counting the ballots while she is ahead, like her boy Donny did.

“Krazy Kari” Lake is still claiming that she has “evidence” of irregularities and fraud in this primary election which she will not disclose to the “librul” media – or to election officials or law enforcement for that matter.

Lake is also still making false claims without any evidence against Secretary of Sate Katie Hobbs, promoting the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump in Arizona. She is parroting Trump’s campaign rally attacks against Hillary Clinton in 2016 with “Lock her up.”

Enough already! Put up or shut up you shrill harpy demagogue!

As Laurie Roberts writes, Win or lose, Kari Lake needs to back up her claim of 2022 election fraud:

Arizona voters [went to the polls on Tuesday] to begin the process of selecting the people who will lead us in the coming years.

Given the importance of the task, if you knew of a plot to fix the election wouldn’t you report it? Immediately?

No need to answer. Any responsible citizen run, not walk, to the police or to elections officials or if nothing else, shine a public light on any potential fraud that’s afoot.

Which makes Kari Lake’s refusal to report what she knows perplexing, given her belief that the 2020 election was stolen. And downright suspicious, given her oft-stated desire for that which we all want: A fair, democratic result.

Last week, Lake told a far right group in Anthem that she was “already detecting some stealing going on” in the election. Then she repeated it on the radio.

“I’m telling you right now, anybody trying to steal this, first of all, we’re already detecting some stealing going on, but you guys know I’m a fighter, right?” she told the North Valley Constitutional Republicans. “You haven’t seen me when they try to steal something. I’m gonna go supernova radioactive. We’re not gonna let them steal an election.”

Curiously, Lake has declined to lift a finger to ensure that doesn’t happen by reporting what she says she has discovered.

It’s now been eight days since she announced she has evidence of fraud. On the eve of Arizona’s primary election, she was once again asked about that evidence.

Cue this Monday night interview with MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard:

Hillyard: : “You’re already contending that there’s irregularities and fraud in this election. At what point does Kari Lake stop and say, ‘Am I undermining Americans’ faith in our elections?’”

Lake: “Kari Lake is going to help bring honest elections back to America.”

Hillyard: “But you haven’t even laid out any fraud or irregularities.”

Lake: “And unfortunately, people like Vaughn are about destroying America.”

Hillyard: “But what fraud is there, Kari?”

Lake: Vaughn –

Hillyard: “This is serious.”

Lake: “Do you want to make this about you?”

Hillyard: “This is about Arizona voters and their faith in this election.”

Lake: “The last person … on the planet Earth that I would tell about what we discovered is you and MSDNC.”

That’s classic Kari Lake. When asked a question she doesn’t want to answer, she turns that well-wagged finger on the reporter.

As it turns out, Hillyard is not the only last person on the planet to whom Lake refuses to lay out whatever evidence of election fraud she possesses.

It appears that august group also includes the police, the sheriff, Maricopa County elections officials and virtually anyone else in a position to do something about it.

Count Bill Gates, chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, among the frustrated.

“It is beyond irresponsible for a major candidate in the Republican Party to be making these allegations, he said on 12News’ Sunday Square Off. “If they have proof, they need to provide it.”

Any responsible citizen would.

How curious that a candidate who for more than a year has been railing about 2020 election fraud won’t lift a finger to stop it in 2022.

Unless, of course …

Lake is parroting the GQP’s “voter fraud” fraud. Republicans always claim voter fraud without any evidence as part of the GQPs voter suppression efforts.

The media, election officials, and law enforcement must hold “Krazy Kari” Lake’s feet to the fire. Demand that she produce her “evidence” of alleged fraud in the primary election (and the 2020 general electon) to subject her “evidence” to scrutiny and verification.

Show me the evidence!

If she fails to do so, everyone will know that the only true fraud is demagogue “Krazy Kari” Lake.

Her election fraud claims are her campaign’s hill to die on.